Downtime Issue Resolved

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:29 AM, 10-Aug-16

We have hopefully been able to solve the underlying issue that was causing intermittent and often big outages for the past 48 hours. The issue was caused by a failing SSD which hosted our database. I am happy and relieved to notify that everything seems to be running normally now and we don’t expect any more downtime.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank our users for their patience and love for our service. We can understand that downtime like this cause a lot of frustration and anger among users which is justified. We also look forward to making certain the long-term technological and managerial changes in our architecture to minimize outages like these in the future.

Thanking you,
Arvind Gupta,

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152 responses to "Downtime Issue Resolved"

BonusBD on 10:23 AM, 10-Aug-16


HafizulWap.TK on 10:24 AM, 10-Aug-16

Ok.. Boss..

Gideon Kachi on 10:29 AM, 10-Aug-16

Nice. I was once frustrated, but I'm calmer now! Thanks

Admin on 10:47 AM, 10-Aug-16

Welcome. Like Us on fb:

Ujjwal Biswas on 10:49 AM, 10-Aug-16

Okay boss

Hausa24 on 10:51 AM, 10-Aug-16


mdbadol on 10:52 AM, 10-Aug-16

Ok ok

Smallbutmighty on 10:53 AM, 10-Aug-16

Good...I feel relieved now

LUCKYDINHO on 11:04 AM, 10-Aug-16

please i need to apply adsense to my blog... any help ?

Sanjay Rajput on 11:04 AM, 10-Aug-16

Pls activate

ZekkenID on 11:08 AM, 10-Aug-16

Nice, Mr. Arvind you're the best. I know you Can't sleep dreamless because must think hard for resolved issue. We are user MWB say Thank's u So much for Resolved issue. We hope you have nice day for now biggrin

Rj Hasan ahmed on 11:14 AM, 10-Aug-16

kemon acen?

Bamidele Williams on 11:28 AM, 10-Aug-16

Good one there. Finally resolved.

Cute Hacker Vinay Mahida on 11:35 AM, 10-Aug-16

Love you mywapblog

Iktiyer uddin Real on 11:42 AM, 10-Aug-16

OK Sir

Calvary Computer Training Institute on 11:48 AM, 10-Aug-16

Okay, that is Good.

CRIME TRICKS on 11:57 AM, 10-Aug-16

Vistit my trick blog

shafayet ahmed kanon on 11:57 AM, 10-Aug-16

its ok .. And tnx

Owoloye OT on 12:02 PM, 10-Aug-16

OMG! I was frustrated because i need to publish a post,
but I'm happy now! Kudos

MD YUNUS on 12:10 PM, 10-Aug-16


Edi Nurhidayat on 12:11 PM, 10-Aug-16

Good like

DAMILARE SAMUEL on 12:17 PM, 10-Aug-16

Frustrated too but happy blog is now running well

Lilpresh 9japresh on 12:23 PM, 10-Aug-16

owk on 12:26 PM, 10-Aug-16

Thankgod oh i was fustrate and very unhappy when i saw it

Master Chizy on 12:27 PM, 10-Aug-16

we tank God 4 everything

chita chijioke on 12:28 PM, 10-Aug-16

Nice and gread gistvendor is now fit...we are 100% ready to stay with mywapblog because of there activeness love you too

ATUL on 12:28 PM, 10-Aug-16


NAIJASMART on 12:31 PM, 10-Aug-16

I need your theme

Blessing Willie on 12:47 PM, 10-Aug-16

I'm soo happy n calm now. Was scared n frustrated initially but am fine now

Ngomotz on 12:57 PM, 10-Aug-16

OK am speak Swahili Hasante Bosi Tupo Sawa

Marwan on 12:59 PM, 10-Aug-16

ngomong naon sih gak ngerti

Joseph Kariuki on 01:04 PM, 10-Aug-16

ok and thanks.

Download Lagu Mp3 Terbaru Gratis on 01:31 PM, 10-Aug-16

thx min biggrin

Makan on 01:47 PM, 10-Aug-16

Ça m'a frustré, mais maintenant ça va aller.

ΞEmpeяσя spяσмsσηΞ on 01:53 PM, 10-Aug-16

Good to know that

Timmy on 01:59 PM, 10-Aug-16


RSinghBROS on 02:14 PM, 10-Aug-16

Okay thnx

Rizky Zawix on 02:28 PM, 10-Aug-16

Ok, thanks for fixed the problem

ImayWapBlog on 02:38 PM, 10-Aug-16

it's ok

pBRAINZ on 02:48 PM, 10-Aug-16

Ok boss

Efri on 02:59 PM, 10-Aug-16

Finally the problem is over mrgreen

WiseBoy on 03:24 PM, 10-Aug-16

You dope bro

MD KAUSAR on 03:26 PM, 10-Aug-16

Thanks For Fixed The Problem smile

Popkid on 03:30 PM, 10-Aug-16

thanks.i am working on taking my blog 2 higher level

victor chisom on 03:35 PM, 10-Aug-16


Marcos on 03:44 PM, 10-Aug-16

Good work Arvind!

Adekunle FA on 03:44 PM, 10-Aug-16


Eduson on 04:22 PM, 10-Aug-16

Waoh at last is always happy of you""

Eduson on 04:23 PM, 10-Aug-16


hiphoploaded on 04:28 PM, 10-Aug-16

thank you, God bless you smile

JoyJoy on 04:51 PM, 10-Aug-16

thanks admin nice work

OLEX on 05:03 PM, 10-Aug-16

Nice 1 boss,

Zymaas on 05:10 PM, 10-Aug-16

thanks, it been a pleasure beening with you all

Bob Blinkzy on 05:13 PM, 10-Aug-16

Upgrade the database to avoid future malfunctioning please.

Sakban on 05:31 PM, 10-Aug-16


Kartik Bishnoi on 05:58 PM, 10-Aug-16


Goodluck mchika on 06:03 PM, 10-Aug-16

0K MR.

AYODELE SEGUN on 06:04 PM, 10-Aug-16

owk no problem ,kindly visit,for latest cheat and code

happiness on 06:11 PM, 10-Aug-16

Goodluck mchika on 06:19 PM, 10-Aug-16


John on 06:42 PM, 10-Aug-16

Cool.. I Proudly Rep [url][/url]

PenSultan on 06:57 PM, 10-Aug-16

Upgrade the database to avoid future malfunctioning please.

HambA Allah on 07:03 PM, 10-Aug-16

tq for fix this prob

surajkumar on 07:11 PM, 10-Aug-16

ABRAHAM ESANG on 07:12 PM, 10-Aug-16


Francis Briggs on 07:20 PM, 10-Aug-16

thnk God the problem as been fixed

SK SHUVRO on 07:54 PM, 10-Aug-16


SUREBOYCITY on 08:05 PM, 10-Aug-16

Nice 1 boss

Admin on 08:29 PM, 10-Aug-16

Long Live MWB, @

hendy anak kalbar on 08:54 PM, 10-Aug-16

singsonga niantian jokake,en omonga . on 09:23 PM, 10-Aug-16

Alhamdulillah. Thank You for the explanation, May Allah Help You as a muslim

Bashir ibrahim on 09:27 PM, 10-Aug-16

good to here that

AowVN on 10:24 PM, 10-Aug-16

Love MWB

Chinazo Ukazu on 10:30 PM, 10-Aug-16

Am happy at last

petro wilmas on 11:14 PM, 10-Aug-16


RobiBD on 11:37 PM, 10-Aug-16


Atik Bhairabi on 11:57 PM, 10-Aug-16


Tahsin Turjo on 12:00 AM, 11-Aug-16

OK. Thank you. on 12:24 AM, 11-Aug-16

ok thank you .....

Ngiruwonsanga Jean Marie Vianney on 12:54 AM, 11-Aug-16

we thank you for your collaboration I wish you may have office in africa especially in east africa I'm there to help you this

MAYOWA on 01:06 AM, 11-Aug-16

9ic one tankz

MC Willy on 01:59 AM, 11-Aug-16

Its perfect now

MC Willy on 02:00 AM, 11-Aug-16

Can we make use of HTML?

chita chijioke on 02:54 AM, 11-Aug-16

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david on 04:07 AM, 11-Aug-16

smile biggrin biggrin

мαsтεя вιdεx on 05:59 AM, 11-Aug-16

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Loethfi Hackiem on 06:13 AM, 11-Aug-16


Wiki man on 06:35 AM, 11-Aug-16


Akibul Haque on 08:42 AM, 11-Aug-16

thanks bro...

djsagor5 on 08:43 AM, 11-Aug-16


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Sohag Alhasan Asadullah on 09:13 AM, 11-Aug-16

ok. on 09:14 AM, 11-Aug-16


Cyber Zeus on 10:27 AM, 11-Aug-16

..Good And Thank You,I also feel relieved now!

ogunnubi daniel on 11:11 AM, 11-Aug-16

ure gr8 @ mywapblog....#feelin relieved nw.

Aminu Saeed Imam on 11:12 AM, 11-Aug-16

nice one i like that

Eduson on 11:18 AM, 11-Aug-16

My thank you for what you have done to my blog

TEER GAME on 11:25 AM, 11-Aug-16

Thanks it's a big relief

Imran on 11:38 AM, 11-Aug-16


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Md NurNobi Sikder on 12:56 PM, 11-Aug-16


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Bashir Halilu on 03:31 PM, 11-Aug-16

I don't understand at all

ritesh chitu on 04:23 PM, 11-Aug-16


shangshuta djdogo on 04:44 PM, 11-Aug-16

Thank U ===> Shutamedia.Heck.In

Ochiagha Jonah on 06:03 PM, 11-Aug-16

Tnks 4 d service

Surebrowsing on 06:37 PM, 11-Aug-16

tnkx 4 d quick response

Marcus on 08:14 PM, 11-Aug-16

I av problems with ads

Finesix on 08:24 PM, 11-Aug-16

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Finesix on 08:28 PM, 11-Aug-16

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Admin on 09:14 PM, 11-Aug-16

NairaLogic.Ml on 10:19 PM, 11-Aug-16

Cool Boss

RobiBD on 11:47 PM, 11-Aug-16

Rock Star

balarabe lawal on 11:49 PM, 11-Aug-16

Slm friend

DAYO on 11:56 PM, 11-Aug-16

Tanx a lot for the social share bottom

marcelo tabla on 12:36 AM, 12-Aug-16

thank you,,i use again

yudi suhendri on 12:42 AM, 12-Aug-16

hopefully not recur problem like this,, i love mywapblog,,

Victor Wins on 01:06 AM, 12-Aug-16

I love Thank you boss

Sambright macpeters obinnaya on 01:21 AM, 12-Aug-16

What a Nize job boss thanks for your concern do visit our site for a surprise

Whizkevina on 01:43 AM, 12-Aug-16

<strong>Thanks for the Infallible Host</strong>

smile smile wink

Badru Ahmed on 01:49 AM, 12-Aug-16

God bless you for that, I was worried too

Adewale Aroleyahweh Austin on 03:53 AM, 12-Aug-16

Ok. Thanks

Rahmat Barul M on 04:09 AM, 12-Aug-16

Really ?

Hydra on 04:38 AM, 12-Aug-16

Wow that good to hear
thanks mr.arVind

mehedi on 05:17 AM, 12-Aug-16


cute on 05:49 AM, 12-Aug-16

so finally? Thanks to Visit

asker 2014 on 08:13 AM, 12-Aug-16

i like ur themee can i use it heheheheh,

Md Sujon Mahmud on 09:37 AM, 12-Aug-16

Thanks For ALL

The VIP on 09:37 AM, 12-Aug-16


Rshad Mahmud on 11:42 AM, 12-Aug-16

Emmanuel Saulo on 12:14 PM, 12-Aug-16

Thnk you...

Michael Akerele on 12:59 PM, 12-Aug-16

Hello ADMIN, pls I don't understand how the banners I put in my post show in preview section but didn't show on the blog's only the link of the banners that showed on the post instead of the banner picture....pls why is this? I need solution to it ADMIN. Thanks

Master WizardX on 01:24 PM, 12-Aug-16

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Tuazor CyberKeed Jnr on 02:54 PM, 12-Aug-16

Thank God

Rustang Ramli on 07:59 PM, 12-Aug-16

kunjungan perdana sob on 03:05 AM, 13-Aug-16

Good To Know! I Taught That Mwb Has Pasted Away. That Day, Tryed To Enter My Blog Via Many Browser Until I Was Fustrated. But Atleast Am Not Disappionted! Welcome Back To Life! Mywapblog...You Guyz Rock!!

Ani Joseph on 03:08 AM, 13-Aug-16

Nice To Know Your Still Here For Us!! Keep Rocking!!!!

Pallab Datta on 09:49 AM, 13-Aug-16

sir Arvind Gupta my site is block please unblock my site

kadir on 12:35 PM, 14-Aug-16

thanks for fixing the problem my domain is

Frisco Nirwana Putra on 04:45 PM, 15-Aug-16

thanks mr arvind for your hard work

Ngozi on 08:26 PM, 15-Aug-16

please i want to delete my blog

NUANIA PRECIOUS on 03:06 AM, 16-Aug-16

All the fans of really appreciate your effort for responding to some silly issues in less than no time.

Macan Rabiez on 11:18 PM, 16-Aug-16

oke i see

ILham MauLana on 01:18 PM, 17-Aug-16

kenapa yah blog saya setelah sekitar 2 tahun tidak pernah saya buka koq sekarang tidak terdeteksi google

Edi Nurhidayat on 02:29 PM, 17-Aug-16

Good luck

Edi Nurhidayat on 02:29 PM, 17-Aug-16

Good luck

Dheanz Nur on 08:27 PM, 20-Aug-16

oke. . thank you Mr. Arvind Gupta. . smile
glad to hear it.. I love MWB.. smile

VIKRANT KAUSHAL on 12:46 AM, 22-Aug-16

Thanks for fixing this big problem. . :*

guruzsolomon on 01:09 AM, 22-Aug-16

how to hidde mywapblog ads

мαsтεя в on 06:26 AM, 23-Aug-16

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