Data Loss

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:44 AM, 01-May-11

A few days ago a couple of bloggers complained about their blogs not being reachable I investigated the matter and found out that certain (required) data for about 100 bloggers were missing. I really have no clue what happened but it seems like some kind of database corruption (we also can’t deny it might have been some hacking attempt – although less likely).

Whatever, it caused some loss for the bloggers (about 119 bloggers in total) like, for example, their “Navigation Menu” got back to default. The “Visitor Counter” also got reset (if you want it back contact me, I’ll try to do what I can to set it back to its original value).

I deeply apologize for this sad. I’ve also taken steps to keep database snapshot for the past 30 days to recover the data from in case of such loss in future.


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27 responses to "Data Loss"

Andihicks on 09:51 AM, 01-May-11

Makaseeeh kang Arvind Visiter Counter aku sudah normal kembali.

Ranju CK Wayanad on 10:01 AM, 01-May-11


Aby Saffa on 10:01 AM, 01-May-11

alhamdulillah.makash ya sir,moga2 mwb makin jaya

Shiva Bhalerao on 10:16 AM, 01-May-11

thanx but my blog is ok ..thank god!!

RamdaN2478 on 10:47 AM, 01-May-11


Brexsedenx on 11:36 AM, 01-May-11

MWB may need strong
security and large capacity
of data storage, thanks

Agung Setiyawan on 11:36 AM, 01-May-11

I'm lucky, my blog was safe, did not happen.

Riyan Hidayat on 11:41 AM, 01-May-11

Cc: Mbak Rina

Edi Siswanto | Belajar Jadi Master on 12:53 PM, 01-May-11

lanjutkan hahaha

Ykubnay on 01:09 PM, 01-May-11

semoga tidak terjadi lg

Satriavi on 01:48 PM, 01-May-11

Manteb kang ARVIND .i love u

brett walker on 02:56 PM, 01-May-11

It's cool Arvind (not your fault in anyway), unfortunatly thats what happens from time to time in the cyber world! 8)

Even Microsoft' lose data' (although they won't admit it).. lol

Thanks for your great support... smile



Rina ns on 03:00 PM, 01-May-11

thanks foryou is help me ,salah ngomong ga ni aku.

Rina ns on 03:07 PM, 01-May-11

Beberapa hari lalu beberapa
blogger mengeluh tentang
blog mereka tidak
terjangkau saya menyelidiki
masalah ini dan menemukan
bahwa tertentu (dibutuhkan) data untuk sekitar 100
blogger hilang. Aku benar-
benar tidak mengerti apa
yang terjadi tapi sepertinya
semacam korupsi database
(kita juga tidak bisa menyangkal mungkin telah
terjadi beberapa upaya
hacking - meskipun kecil
kemungkinannya). Apapun,
hal ini menyebabkan
beberapa kerugian bagi para blogger seperti, misalnya,
mereka "Navigation Menu"
kembali ke default. The
"Counter Pengunjung" juga
mendapat ulang (jika Anda
ingin kembali menghubungi saya, saya akan mencoba
untuk melakukan apa yang
saya bisa untuk mengatur
kembali ke nilai aslinya).
Saya sangat minta maaf
untuk ini. Saya juga mengambil langkah-langkah
untuk menjaga snapshot
database untuk 30 hari
terakhir untuk memulihkan
data dari dalam kasus
kehilangan tersebut di masa depan.

Rina ns on 03:07 PM, 01-May-11

ini baru aku tau artinya

Cgbalu on 03:59 PM, 01-May-11

Means I'm having a very good blog, where things are taken care immediately. Thanks.

Jongos on 04:07 PM, 01-May-11

Thanks kang arvind

Lutfian on 05:12 PM, 01-May-11

waduh,, crackernya kejam tuh..
basmi para cracker,,
hidup para gretongerz,,
hehehee.. mrgreen

aden on 07:23 AM, 02-May-11

I lost my visitor counter too

Wand on 10:04 AM, 02-May-11

I hope this not happen again. . . . So thi became fist and last happened. thx

Government of India on 12:24 PM, 07-May-11

अरविन्द ,
My blog is official page of a political group, please give higher protection to it.

Gilberto Galea on 04:42 AM, 09-May-11

You must considerate to offer a offline backup method of the blog.

Erick on 11:21 PM, 10-May-11

i can't speak english. Please help me for it. About this post.. Please translate to Indonesian langguage..

Arvind on 07:46 AM, 13-May-11

@Gilberto Galea,
That's be a good feature.

Someone posted this post in Indonesian in the comments.

Riesm on 05:25 PM, 10-Jun-11

Arvind hey ..! how are you?
I want to ask you
I just forgot my password for my account
I have tried to get it back, but still can not.
I've check my inbox but no mail forgotten passwords from Mywapblog accepted.
Please help me.

FAJAR NS™ on 07:19 PM, 10-Jun-11

Good luck Mr.Arvind

Openpulsa on 05:15 PM, 24-Jul-11

is same fiture will be added to mwb? Mr.biggrin

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