Completed in September 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:19 PM, 05-Oct-14

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Fixed bug in "Navigation Menu" page which caused action links to not work sometimes
  2. Fixed and improved auto-post to Twitter
  3. Improved spam-filter system

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72 responses to "Completed in September 2014"

Fadils on 03:24 PM, 05-Oct-14

Create a new blog I continue Making navigation
menu navigation menu does not appear why

Gocir on 03:43 PM, 05-Oct-14

good job

galang rocker on 04:05 PM, 05-Oct-14

Thank you Mr.Arvind

綺麗PAPA REYHANZ on 04:06 PM, 05-Oct-14

thank you

MrNK on 04:07 PM, 05-Oct-14

Good news

MrNK on 04:08 PM, 05-Oct-14

Good news

Ricky koibur KOOCOOKz on 04:13 PM, 05-Oct-14

I tinks this got work.....
Thank you MR Arvind....

Achmadt Wsuc on 04:19 PM, 05-Oct-14

Auto post to twitter is so cools bro!

IBROHIM ZONA TRIK GRETONGAN 100% work on 04:19 PM, 05-Oct-14


IRUL ARIEF on 04:40 PM, 05-Oct-14

MyWapBlog.Com is the best..


ok MR

MLuki MWBers on 04:54 PM, 05-Oct-14

breadcumb kok g ada yg mr

Erik on 05:12 PM, 05-Oct-14

Thank Mr.Arvind

Mr. Charis Haikal on 05:18 PM, 05-Oct-14

Oke, Tanks Mr. Arvid...

hendriawan on 05:33 PM, 05-Oct-14

thank you

Kpopers House on 06:13 PM, 05-Oct-14

thanks... Good job!
I hope you realese new features smile
the great features

Lucas Adie on 06:16 PM, 05-Oct-14

Twitter syndication, thats cool

Lucas Adie on 06:19 PM, 05-Oct-14

Next time i hope you will add the breadcumbs and navigation button between posts so that visitors can easily browse our posts by clicking "next post" and "previous post"

Țhathanga on 06:43 PM, 05-Oct-14


zHaR Da Typewritter on 06:55 PM, 05-Oct-14

thank you mr arvind

Jaey Langkung on 07:12 PM, 05-Oct-14


Nurzaman on 08:11 PM, 05-Oct-14

Mr.arvind memang baikbiggrin

polmer on 09:30 PM, 05-Oct-14

sukses...trus... biggrin

Daryadi on 10:56 PM, 05-Oct-14

Yeah i hope autopost to twitter will work well..thank you

putuadimarta rachman on 10:56 PM, 05-Oct-14

oke, thanks very much Mr. Arvind biggrin

Anang bordizs on 12:48 AM, 06-Oct-14

oce mr.arvind..good luck...

Firdaus Umar on 01:06 AM, 06-Oct-14

smile i hope next mywapblog will be have better...

NetComSys on 02:28 AM, 06-Oct-14

Nice post. Don't forget to visit back cheesy-grin

sesuatu on 05:43 AM, 06-Oct-14

mampir me

Rizky Zawix on 06:01 AM, 06-Oct-14

Maju terus MyWapBlog!
Thanks Mr. Arvind. smile

Love Riders on 08:05 AM, 06-Oct-14

please tell me about publisher id? ?

rEtRy99 on 08:55 AM, 06-Oct-14

Thank you Mr.Arvind

Leon Wesker on 09:41 AM, 06-Oct-14

Nice.. biggrin

Reyichii on 10:19 AM, 06-Oct-14

thanks you...

Agustinus Budianto B One on 10:54 AM, 06-Oct-14

Ok biggrin good job boss!

Prof Rio on 10:57 AM, 06-Oct-14

Nice, very good. cheesy-grin

Nurul Aziz on 12:30 PM, 06-Oct-14

pantesan share button nyank ke twitter gak ada

Abdullah Sidiq on 12:40 PM, 06-Oct-14

akkay fiks

Tips Dan Trik Lengkap on 01:00 PM, 06-Oct-14

Mantap mantap

ミ A R O V A 彡 on 08:18 PM, 06-Oct-14

Glory Glory MyWapBlog! cheesy-grin

Ariyansyah putra on 06:41 AM, 07-Oct-14


Arli on 06:44 AM, 07-Oct-14

Thanks Mr. Arvind

mahmudi on 09:31 AM, 07-Oct-14

Nyimak, ditunggu kunbalnya smile

Chris De Kelvin on 03:17 AM, 08-Oct-14

Thanks! Mywapblog is number one and biggest blog maker on the planet with many features. Pls, Mr. Arvind we need more.

Rhians MWB on 12:55 PM, 08-Oct-14

MWB the best blog in the world,,,

teman baik on 03:03 PM, 08-Oct-14

Aimal on 11:01 PM, 08-Oct-14

Super Cool Mr. Arvind! smile

Andre Nurcahya on 11:53 PM, 08-Oct-14

My twitter share button does'nt appear sir ..
But good job for you. And thank in advance..

agun s on 11:57 PM, 08-Oct-14

Good work, i hope can share
my post on twitter again.. (y)

Pebrian Pamungkas Timur on 03:43 AM, 09-Oct-14

Ok Mr

ΨANDRY FLAMBOYSΨ on 11:08 AM, 09-Oct-14

Great job mr.gupta,

Succer for your..


lapor postingan anda sudah masuk di

Gratis Download Lagu Terbaru on 02:34 PM, 10-Oct-14

thank you

Angga Junior on 12:09 AM, 11-Oct-14


Chintya Yulian on 04:44 PM, 11-Oct-14

nice. autopost to twitter smile

Ryanalfarid on 07:26 PM, 11-Oct-14

Why mywapblog can't Support Java script ? on 09:43 PM, 11-Oct-14

good news mr. arvind

Frengki Furniawan on 08:22 AM, 12-Oct-14

I wait MyWapBlog app for android ... :3

Rengga Wira on 02:19 PM, 12-Oct-14


Mujukawa on 02:41 PM, 12-Oct-14


ROHMAT EKO WALUYO on 07:10 PM, 12-Oct-14

Salam Mr.
Success fo U..

Fauzan on 04:33 AM, 14-Oct-14

i love mwb

Samuel Chhangte on 08:14 AM, 14-Oct-14


Wahidin on 01:39 PM, 15-Oct-14

mantaf.. Lanjutkan master..

Indonesian Music Metal on 06:18 PM, 15-Oct-14

ya ya..nice infoh Mr.Arvind smile

Wanzers on 06:20 PM, 15-Oct-14

Kunjungan perdana sob..
Ditunggu kunjungannya supaya agan bisa tahu trik dapat pulsa gratis

Driwanta on 05:45 AM, 16-Oct-14


ZoGamer23 on 03:55 PM, 16-Oct-14

Eng tia titur nge?

Mikel on 08:50 AM, 17-Oct-14

thanks Mr.Arvind it's good news

murodininfo on 07:47 AM, 18-Oct-14

thanks for all

Kakeru on 05:36 PM, 18-Oct-14

Lanjutkan master..

Jamaludin Nasir on 06:58 PM, 18-Oct-14

nice masta,,

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