Completed in March 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:38 AM, 01-Apr-14

New features added in March:

  1. New JavaScript-based progressive enhancement system for better accessibility
  2. Search feature in "Manage Files"
  3. "Edit" and "Delete" functions accessible from user-blogs when blog admin is signed in

Improvements and bug-fixes in:

  1. "Blog Catalog" page
  2. "Chat Room" page
  3. Spam filter
  4. "Overview" page

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52 responses to "Completed in March 2014"

Abdulsyukur Hoerudin on 09:45 AM, 01-Apr-14


IRUL ARIEF on 09:53 AM, 01-Apr-14

Semakin banyak fitur baru di MyWapBlog ini..
Semoga semakin berjaya pula MyWapBlog di jajaran para blogger dunia..

Erik on 09:53 AM, 01-Apr-14

Thank you. Mr arvind

dahrudin on 10:00 AM, 01-Apr-14

thank you for the information and news.
I will run

Efri on 10:02 AM, 01-Apr-14


Fikri Syafii on 10:16 AM, 01-Apr-14

Saya Sangat Salut Kepada Mr. Arvind.
Semoga Di Tahun 2014 MyWapBlog Semakin Berjaya Di Kalangan Blogger Dunia.
First Number In The World.

situshape on 10:17 AM, 01-Apr-14

Thank you

RemajaAsyik on 10:21 AM, 01-Apr-14

Thank You Master Arvind.... smile

Muh arief on 10:36 AM, 01-Apr-14

<span style="color:#ff0000">wow artikel keren </span>

Aziez Harvest Moons Lovers on 11:00 AM, 01-Apr-14

Lanjutkan . . .Saya tunggu Fitur Yang Lainnya. . .

K en Aròx on 11:02 AM, 01-Apr-14

tank you very much Mr Arvind for added features in MWB.. cheesy-grin

Aeros on 11:26 AM, 01-Apr-14

Wow its very nice smile

Lucky Charm on 11:32 AM, 01-Apr-14


Manman ᒈ Anime Share on 11:32 AM, 01-Apr-14

embed audio on dekstop version please biggrin

Atixx Assegaf on 11:37 AM, 01-Apr-14

Wah keren, tapi punyaku ga bisa posting pesan publik..

Santri Ndablegs on 11:47 AM, 01-Apr-14

Thanks you mister..biggrin

Erkham niam on 11:52 AM, 01-Apr-14

Pantesan tadi ane liat kox tampilanya beda

zona download on 11:59 AM, 01-Apr-14

Mantap pak arvind

綺麗PAPA REYHANZ on 12:00 PM, 01-Apr-14

Dengan penambahan fitur-fitur dan layanan terbaru menjadikan MyWapBlog semakin maju!! Selamat MWB!, Terima kasih Tuan Arvind Gupta!

Aditya Crusaders Blog on 12:04 PM, 01-Apr-14

Thank You Mr.Arvind..
Ini Adalah Fitur Yang Saya Tunggu..

bondan on 12:05 PM, 01-Apr-14

maju teRus pantang munduR hehehe

SULAPSULIP on 12:05 PM, 01-Apr-14

MyWapBlog.Com Good

TeguhLagi on 12:19 PM, 01-Apr-14 mengucapkan terimakasih

Akrin on 12:24 PM, 01-Apr-14

Kenapa yg komentar manusia indonesia semua

Mr999 on 12:26 PM, 01-Apr-14

i like the MyWapBlog its g0oddd.. biggrin

putuadimarta rachman on 12:29 PM, 01-Apr-14

Sukses buat mywapblog dengan penambahan beberapa fitur barunya, thank for you mr arvind sukses selalu buatmu sukses selalu buat mywapblog ini semoga kedepannya bisa lebih maju dan bisa bersaing dengan blog-blog lainnya
terima kasih juga untuk pemberitahuan ini

Rama on 12:41 PM, 01-Apr-14

Nyimak aja gan, ane tunggu kunbaL nya..

Anton misterio on 12:54 PM, 01-Apr-14

Follow back smile

Irud on 01:41 PM, 01-Apr-14

Thanks for this information. cheesy-grin I Like Mywapblog anda Mr. Arvind

achonk on 02:12 PM, 01-Apr-14

ini sangat membantu kita mister.. Saya semakin nyaman dengan adanya fitur baru.. Tanks for you mr.arvind.. Berkunjung di blog saya ya.?

FάЂяįžάℓ άЂмάđ on 02:24 PM, 01-Apr-14

Please visit the Blogger gathering place MWB Indonesia :

Rejecting Mwb's Friends...

Fariz AM on 03:04 PM, 01-Apr-14

i like MyWapBlog

MATIxRASA on 03:16 PM, 01-Apr-14

Thank you for your attention sir, i hope MyWapBlog always at your heart ♥

sayid cyberzone on 03:21 PM, 01-Apr-14

alhamdulillah, akhirnya mwb menjadi semakin berkembang, terimakasih Mr Arvind, telah menambah fitur di mwb tercinta ini. .

Ghofar on 03:30 PM, 01-Apr-14

good job

Maz Puji on 03:36 PM, 01-Apr-14

moga semakin keren... smile

Dwi Kurnia Surya on 03:46 PM, 01-Apr-14

tambahkan "Balas" atau "reply" dong wink di komentar

Francis sunday on 03:47 PM, 01-Apr-14

i love mwb thanks check out my blog

Lucas Adie on 03:50 PM, 01-Apr-14

Excellent improvements. Im sure Mywapblog will be the best mobile blogging platform. Good effort! We are all behind you, thanks

egvnk takkand pulank on 04:58 PM, 01-Apr-14

jempol dah mr.arvind

RIZA KAZAMI on 05:30 PM, 01-Apr-14

Hi Mr. Arvind

Asyer on 05:33 PM, 01-Apr-14

Thanks mr. Arvind

Ahsin TFox on 05:40 PM, 01-Apr-14

Fitur baru...


Sergio Van Persie on 05:50 PM, 01-Apr-14

Thank you very much Mr. Arvind smile
if I may make a suggestion, you should add the "reply" to complement the "delete"

Iqbal Arizal Sulistia on 06:03 PM, 01-Apr-14

Yeah, Terimakasih Banyak Mr. Arvind, New Feature And New Spirit For Bloging ! biggrin<br />
<br />
Mantap Gan!

sasi angkih on 06:41 PM, 01-Apr-14

mksh Mr.arvind...semoga MWB semakin maju

MoNo BrAyZ SiTePu on 06:48 PM, 01-Apr-14

kunjungan malam gan...sukses trus aja buat blog nya...

rEtRy99 on 09:09 PM, 01-Apr-14

Asyik Mywapblog semakin maju kini da tambahan fitur2 terbarunya....
Thanks ya Mr.Arvind

irhaz on 11:46 PM, 01-Apr-14

mrgreen i like mwb

Fadly THÈkÌL LËR Blog on 01:15 AM, 02-Apr-14

I love mywapblog.
Thank you for info
Goog job mr. Arvind gupta

fakhrul 73 cobain donk on 03:25 AM, 02-Apr-14

Thanks MR Arvind!

bz0129boyz on 03:52 AM, 02-Apr-14

very nice,,,, so goood so nice,,,,, hehehehe

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