Completed in July 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:05 PM, 01-Aug-14

New features added:

  1. Ability to edit own comments
  2. Ability to use Google Analytics to track blog visitors
  3. Google Authorship
  4. User-blogs translation

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Fixed UI inconsistencies
  2. Performance and UI improvements in "Follow"
  3. Improved spam-filter
  4. Improved "Categories" list of user-blogs
  5. Fixes in "Upload" feature on "Edit | Settings" page
  6. Improved "Navigation Menu" on user-blogs
  7. Removed deprecated setting "Category Placement" and "Category Order" in "Add | Category" page
  8. Translation of such texts as "1 minute ago" in various pages of admin-area
  9. Other performance improvements and fixes
Ability to edit own comments
Ability to use Google Analytics to track blog visitors
Google Authorship feature

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48 responses to "Completed in July 2014"

IBROHIM CERBON on 03:16 PM, 01-Aug-14

M.arvind plis jangan hapus ruang obrol nya sad

Achmadt Wsuc on 03:22 PM, 01-Aug-14

Oke, thanks!

Kpopers House on 03:31 PM, 01-Aug-14

Okay, finaly you added Google Analytics feature smile
What is Google Authorship? Like added Google+ URL?

Muhammad Arbain on 03:34 PM, 01-Aug-14

it's cool and make mwb confidence. . . .

Erik on 03:41 PM, 01-Aug-14

Thanks Mr. arvind

Efri on 03:57 PM, 01-Aug-14

Thanks Mr Arvind. Sukses terus buat mwb.

muhamad rizal on 04:09 PM, 01-Aug-14

MWB semakin sukses terus...

NetComSys on 04:35 PM, 01-Aug-14

Cihuy cheesy-grin

綺麗PAPA REYHANZ on 05:04 PM, 01-Aug-14

fitur-fitur semakin lengkap. Maju terus MWB!.


makasih mr.arvind

Wong Edan on 05:55 PM, 01-Aug-14

Om ipin, please Dengerin aku dddong redface Eh itu Chat room Kok mati ya? kiss

Afriz25 on 06:21 PM, 01-Aug-14

Tak bisa coment banyak nih ... cuman bisa bilang " Sukses & Maju Terus Untuk MWB "

putuadimarta rachman on 06:21 PM, 01-Aug-14

terima kasih untuk semua penambahan fitur barunya

Santri Ndablegs on 06:52 PM, 01-Aug-14

There is one thing that can not be applied, which features adsense ads ... Please mr. Arvind is pleased to fix it ...

Jokotole on 08:28 PM, 01-Aug-14

google analytics n authorship are the exellent features, Mr.
thanks for it n all.

Agustinus Budianto on 09:01 PM, 01-Aug-14

Good jobs boss mrgreen thank you

Lisa Nel on 03:47 AM, 02-Aug-14

Day to day MWB features is increasing. "Successful MWB" wink

Nurzaman on 04:39 AM, 02-Aug-14

makin betah ngeblog di mwb

John Kampret on 05:33 AM, 02-Aug-14

Good Job Mr. Arvind

Erkham niam on 09:57 AM, 02-Aug-14

mempermudah pengguna

ULIENS Dnjepanten on 11:32 AM, 02-Aug-14

tanks master sudah mau meningkatkan kualitas mywapblog

Beny Oki Sugiarto on 11:44 AM, 02-Aug-14

To: Arvind Gupta

Mr. Arvind my name is Beny Oki Sugiarto, i'm 18 years old. I hope you make new format (*.lrc) on upload. Please sad.

Thank you redface

Agung Bennington on 01:12 PM, 02-Aug-14

Saya sependapat dengan komentar dari Papa Reyhanz

simkuring on 02:08 PM, 02-Aug-14

semoga tambah maju mwb dan jaya

Aimal on 02:13 PM, 02-Aug-14

Greetings Dear Sir, Hope you are fine! smile

These new features are really good for blogs. Thanks for adding these Services to MyWapBlog. MWB will develop alot by these kinds of services. Hope your success dear Sir!

Warm Regards, Aimal.

Christian hadinata on 08:00 PM, 02-Aug-14

Thanks mr, your artikel very help me ..

Buzzheting on 10:29 AM, 03-Aug-14

Other performance improvements and fixes we use in line with expectations Mr. Arvind Gupta.
Success for Mywapblog.

Rizky Zawix on 11:01 AM, 03-Aug-14

Thanks Mr.Arvind. biggrin

rizqi insani on 11:40 AM, 03-Aug-14

Mr. Arvind,
please add the feature Javascripts, i need this feature...

DHMS on 04:27 PM, 03-Aug-14

tambah keren aja Mywapblog biggrin

ミ A R O V A 彡 on 05:51 PM, 03-Aug-14

Go Go MwB! smile

Diyon on 07:49 PM, 04-Aug-14

requesT import upload via url smile

Daryadi on 03:41 PM, 05-Aug-14, you mr. Arvin

VIKI RAHMAT on 03:19 PM, 07-Aug-14

buagus gan tapi jangan lupa kunbalnya

muhammad jufri wintang on 11:32 PM, 07-Aug-14

simpel, tidak ribet,
mudah, tidak seperti membuat blog diinternet

Arif on 07:26 AM, 09-Aug-14

Mr arvind indo bukan ea biggrin

allganco on 12:51 AM, 10-Aug-14

wow makin mantap deh, kembangkan trus bos .. buat nglawan blogspot biggrin

Exodius on 09:39 AM, 10-Aug-14

mantabbb biggrin

Ricky koibur KOOCOOKz on 12:05 PM, 10-Aug-14

theks mr arvind...your blog always good...

ђÿѓύмάђєςќΐήツ on 03:28 PM, 10-Aug-14

Wih makin jos nih biggrin

AN B RAY TER on 10:25 AM, 11-Aug-14

Saya sering mengetik mmbals komen (dulu) banyak yang salah, untung ada fitur ini langsung saya rombak

Thanks mr.arvind

AGUSTINI AZHARI on 06:34 PM, 11-Aug-14


Hendrawan Datukramat on 08:14 PM, 11-Aug-14

Terima kasih ya Mr. Arvind atas penambahan fitur terbaru tersebut,

Sukses buat Mywapblog

Putra Cah Anker on 07:56 AM, 13-Aug-14

wah nakasih banyak pak arvind

Brendy Master on 02:02 PM, 13-Aug-14

mantap bgt sob,di tnggu kunbal nya

Syarief Bajaber on 09:29 AM, 14-Aug-14

perfect blog Mr.arvind

RudyPrazholtra on 07:58 PM, 14-Aug-14

Gak ngerti maksudnya,ngikut aja mas brow.guwe bru bljar ngeblog.thx

Prof Rio on 11:10 AM, 15-Aug-14

Benar-benar mantap fitur dari MWB sekarang. smile

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