Completed in June 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:08 AM, 02-Jul-14

New features added:

  1. UC Union Ad Code support
  2. New blog for Officially Sponsored Contests and Events (

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Strict rules for entry in chat room to prevent spamming
  2. "Followers" and "Following" list is now in alphabetical order
  3. Fixed the "No Data" pageviews graph in "Overview" page
  4. Fixed the problem in "Register" page. Some untested code caused error in the Registration page since 24th of June. Very sorry sad
  5. Fixed some problems in Category system, also Category name now supports up to 40 characters
UC Union Ad Code support
UC Union Ad Code support

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61 responses to "Completed in June 2014"

Achmadt Wsuc on 09:20 AM, 02-Jul-14

Oh, oke thanks! biggrin

Kpopers House on 09:22 AM, 02-Jul-14

Yeay! New features biggrin
I'll waiting for other new features and congratulation MyWapBlog

Erik on 09:36 AM, 02-Jul-14

Thanks Mr.Arvind biggrin

Maz Puji on 09:45 AM, 02-Jul-14

wow makin complete nih, dhanyavāda Mr. Arvind.


Lucky Charm on 09:45 AM, 02-Jul-14

sipp lah mister, cheesy-grin

Maz Puji on 09:46 AM, 02-Jul-14

wow makin complete nih, dhanyavāda Mr. Arvind.


John Kampret on 10:09 AM, 02-Jul-14

heavy thank Mr. Arvind

ULIENS Dnjepanten on 10:11 AM, 02-Jul-14

tanks master

arizall on 10:27 AM, 02-Jul-14

tambah mantap...

hitzfild on 10:34 AM, 02-Jul-14


IBROHIM CERBON on 10:36 AM, 02-Jul-14

Ok Mr.arvind Tankssmile

Agustinus Budianto on 11:09 AM, 02-Jul-14

Uye smile

Asnur on 11:21 AM, 02-Jul-14

Sukses selalu

Afriz25 on 11:32 AM, 02-Jul-14

Thank's this info Mr. Arvind ... Sukses cheesy-grin

Agus Budianto on 11:47 AM, 02-Jul-14

I like it,

Syarief Bajaber on 11:58 AM, 02-Jul-14

mantap Mr.Arvind
membangun karya terbaru.
sukses selalu

Achmad Jabir on 12:17 PM, 02-Jul-14

Waw, kren.

Riyan dahsyat abiz on 12:30 PM, 02-Jul-14

semangat mr.arvin, smoga mywapblog menjadi yang terbaik nomer 1 seduania, aminn,, smile biggrin

Chariz Tricks on 12:37 PM, 02-Jul-14

SIP biggrin

Daryadi S on 12:42 PM, 02-Jul-14

Always imrove..thank you mr. I'm waiting for you're javascript improvement....

DHMS on 12:43 PM, 02-Jul-14

makin keren aja Mwb lanjutkan terus karya anda Mr.arvin biggrin

Taufik Blogs on 01:20 PM, 02-Jul-14


putuadimarta rachman on 01:56 PM, 02-Jul-14

semakin komplit dhanyavada mr arvind, thanks you

Cyber Prass88 on 02:41 PM, 02-Jul-14

Selamat sore sobat
Berkunjung ke blog sobat
Sudah lama gak absen di MWB
Salam sukses
Kalo ada waktu mampir ke blog sya

Agung Bennington on 03:00 PM, 02-Jul-14

MyWapBlog semakin sukses...

hendri on 04:01 PM, 02-Jul-14

Saya ingin belajar dari anda. Thank sudah membuat

BERBAGI DENGAN IKHLAS on 04:23 PM, 02-Jul-14

mywapblog semakin hari semakin berjaya

Tumenggung 666 on 06:20 PM, 02-Jul-14

Great.. thnks mr arvind

rEtRy99 on 11:10 PM, 02-Jul-14

mywapblog semakin sucses....

Randy Symbianerz on 11:57 PM, 02-Jul-14

fell comfortable and very enjoy wink
Thanks mywapblog wink

Pangeran Langit on 12:07 AM, 03-Jul-14

Saya Tidak Mengerti Bahasa Inggris sad
Tetapi Saya Yakin Bahwa Ini Berita Terbaik Dari Tuan Arvind Untuk Mywapblog smile

Extra Ponsel on 02:33 AM, 03-Jul-14

Thanks Mr Arvind biggrin

Seth on 04:27 AM, 03-Jul-14

Thanks Admin! More fixes and addons

Lisa Nel on 04:46 AM, 03-Jul-14

very happy ... Thank you Mr. Arvind

ミA R O V A彡 on 05:17 AM, 03-Jul-14

Amazing job Mr. Arvind!
Thanks, You always fixed our home ( MyWapBlog ) every month. Keep it! smile

Icink96 on 05:57 AM, 03-Jul-14

is the best mwb

buayalupa mwb on 07:19 AM, 03-Jul-14

Blog nya saya juga uda ada uc union ,thanks MR.

Lampurs on 07:27 AM, 03-Jul-14

Thanks for fixed.

Agung Rela on 08:32 AM, 03-Jul-14

Thanks Mr. Arvind

RUMAH DUKA 666 on 09:41 AM, 03-Jul-14

Thanks Mr Arvind..

David Chaniego on 10:42 AM, 03-Jul-14

Postingan ente keren sob info bermanfaat buat ane
maaf nih sob ane taruh link biar ente kunbal ke gubug ane
sebagai mwbers harus saling berkunjung !

Hendrawan Datukramat on 01:02 PM, 03-Jul-14

Tambah bagus mwb, terima kasih Mr.

Cahserang on 04:50 AM, 04-Jul-14

GBU Mr. Arvind smile

Santri Ndablegs on 02:35 PM, 04-Jul-14

MOJAWA on 07:31 PM, 04-Jul-14

Nyimak aja gan...<br />
Bagus kok...<br />
Ditunggu kumbalnya...

GONOT CYBER4RT on 11:27 AM, 05-Jul-14

Like This biggrin

Hilmi putra yaman on 01:38 PM, 05-Jul-14

Mwb komplit sudah.

Learn SEO on 03:23 PM, 05-Jul-14

Thanks Mr. Arvind.

Ezeaka E onyebuchi on 03:48 PM, 05-Jul-14

Thanks man

Lan Mulya on 04:19 AM, 06-Jul-14

thank you for New features Mr. arvind..

Hakim on 02:40 PM, 06-Jul-14

Semoga MWB tambah berkembang lagi biggrin

Rizky Zawix on 03:10 PM, 06-Jul-14

Lanjutkan terus. smile

Rian Aregusk on 07:38 PM, 06-Jul-14

mantap bang blogku kasih rame dong

MaesaGT on 11:50 PM, 07-Jul-14

congrats mr Arvind..

Rafik S Asi on 06:46 AM, 08-Jul-14

Well, a lot of new features. Success continued to pack arvind.

Rayhan Hafidh Wiarso on 07:58 AM, 08-Jul-14

I Love MyWapBlog


semoga tambah maju

abdullah sidiq on 05:50 AM, 09-Jul-14

wih mr arvind makin jaya aja nih biggrin

commonwealth games tickets on 09:13 AM, 10-Jul-14

thanks mr arvind for this post

ival on 02:52 PM, 10-Jul-14

tetap semangat Mr.Arvind smile

Dhedol on 09:59 PM, 13-Jul-14

nice thanks.. smile

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