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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:52 AM, 09-Oct-16

Why is being closed?

First and foremost, I worded the post wrong when I said is closing “due to personal reasons”. What I actually wanted to say is that is it my personal decision to close and there is no outside force making me do that. This was to prevent unnecessary rumors from spreading. There are always problems and hurdles in everything. There were many hurdles in running Much more than anyone knows but there was never a question of closing the service down or even selling. I never, ever thought that but in the past one year there have been instances when circumstances have regularly been tough and not the usual day-to-day issues or compromises that we have to and we always live with but something that sucks life, passion, motivation an inspiration out of you. Throughout the past year I have been dealing with such circumstances and keeping hope alive, finding solutions but in vain. The circumstances leave me with only one choice.

Now after a year, I am 27, my whole life ahead of me. If I don’t close the service now I am afraid I’ll still have to close it later. I can only avoid the fate but not completely change it. Fate will catch up with me.

This is a job that requires that I (and everyone involved) be passionate about it. That’s what makes me work on adding features, reply to emails personally; to think about different ways to solve problems and provide new and better ways to make blogging a joy. It is really hard to continue when I know I cam not giving my 100%.

To all those people that think they’d be devastated by the loss - think about my loss. I am a mature man; I have been running the service for eight years - longer than perhaps many of you would have been using the internet. Don’t get me wrong - I only want to convey that it is the single toughest decision of my life. It will definitely impact my life big time. But, we always look forward to a better tomorrow.

I know my obligations, and therefore am working hard in developing a tool to export all your articles (posts) and possibly also categories and comments via XML file that you can upload to Blogger and/or and most of your posts (possibly along with categories and comments) will be migrated (transferred) to the new platform smoothly and in a few hours’ time.

Is there no way to keep the service alive?

This was not a decision I took in one day. It was a long process that extended one year. Of course, I didn’t think about closing one year back. I have been thinking of ways to keep running the service, any possibility I could think of. At last I had to think of the unthinkable. Metaphorically speaking - “When there is nothing left To Whom It May Concern: burn, you’ve got to put yourself on fire”. I thought not once, twice or thrice but a thousand times.

What would happen to user blogs? Will they be lost?

No, I am working on a tool that will allow you to transfer your posts (and possibly categories and comments) with the exact dates they were posted on to other blogging platform (Blogger and The exact date of availability of this tool will be provided in the subsequent posts. Your posts will be in one or many XML files (depending on the number of posts you have - for example if you have 1200 posts there may be 6 XML files) that you can upload on Blogger and/or to have your content in the new blog. Any embedded links and pictures in the posts will need to be manually changed, however; for example, the images that were uploaded on itself.

We will also be providing URL forwarding (redirection) system to forward your old blog URL ( to your new URL (

What would happen to files uploaded by user?

We will also try to provide ZIP file containing your uploaded files (again one or many depending on the number of files you have uploaded) that you can later host elsewhere so that even uploaded files are not lost.

What would happen to users who have paid for ad-free (premium) membership?

We will provide partial refund to users who have paid for ad-free membership. Please contact me with your blog URL, PayPal email via your registered email address. Please only use the email address registered with blog for contacting me.

When will content migration (backup) tool become available?

Exact dates will be provided in the subsequent posts.

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