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Name: Arvind Gupta
Location: India
Blog: MyWapBlog.com - Official Blog
Blog Category: General
About My Blog: The Life and Times of MyWapBlog.com

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Abidlatifmalik(tm) on 05:51 AM, 17-Mar-10

Nice updates to the platform

Ronaldazade on 09:39 PM, 09-Apr-10

Hello admin .. If javascript Format Could it be added in the feature, and a choice of Indonesian. Thank you before his of Ronaldgitulo.Mywapblog.Com

Shane on 06:49 AM, 14-Jul-10

Hey. Thanks for signing my guest book, i'd figured i'd return the favor. By the way, i think its neat that a programmer like yourself also programmed in game maker. Makes me feel like i could have a chance at making a successful website like this. I know html and php/mysql very well to make a website like this, its just that i never had the motivation to program anything spectacular. Anyways, i would love to chat with you more, do you mind if i email you sometime soon? Take care! smile

Aciu Khuntienboyz on 05:55 AM, 18-Jul-10

succes for mwb..

Ian on 02:48 AM, 25-Jul-10

Congrats pal u r kul wit me.

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 01:06 PM, 29-Jul-10

Best blogging site with features and facility which no other site provides. Thanx for appreciating my blogs.

Hendry on 11:16 AM, 23-Sep-10

Maybe u should add this blog (support.mwb.com) to help page in mwb or somewhere in mwb.

Chivas143 on 03:54 PM, 08-Oct-10

Thanks for this wonderful site. Keep up the good work and dont forget us to update if there is an update about this. Thanks. more power.

Kim Clark on 07:26 AM, 12-Oct-10

thank u

DeaTHNoTiCeRaMZ RaMZiLeNTLoNeR on 07:54 PM, 01-Dec-10

Hello, how to put or insert a javascript codes in blog? Like a java time, a google search engine or a css with image layout

Mharvin on 02:00 PM, 18-Jan-11

[color=green]thank you for your easy to use wapsite[/color].. More powers to you and to us!

Muhammad Shahmi on 05:28 PM, 25-Jan-11

I would like to insert other HTML code in my blog.. But, I can't. I hope someday MyWapBlog will be updated and I appreciate it.. Anyway, your informations are so fantastic. I've registered the RSS feeds to know latest news.. More Power»

WiseWebWorx on 06:22 PM, 04-Mar-11

I always admire people who take their business seriously & doesn't just throw things at people expecting miraculous returns

aden on 05:15 PM, 20-Mar-11

Hi sir arvind,
how you today?hope u just fine so always can to manage all blogger..hope u can visit my blog and give me some review thanks

Andihicks on 03:19 PM, 07-Apr-11

I like this blog tengkyu boss Arvind

kaito___kid on 02:29 PM, 29-Apr-11

thank"s for all feature in mywapblog.com

Brexsedenx on 09:21 PM, 29-Apr-11

one request from me, please
add the feature column
textarea in post to MWB

es nªnªs on 06:17 PM, 04-May-11

hello!! maaf ya aku tidak bisa bahasa inggris..
Mau mengucapkan banyak terima kasih sama mas arvind..
Semoga sukses.!??

Agung Setiyawan on 04:12 AM, 11-May-11

Saya tidak bisa Bahasa Inggris. Cuma mau titip nama: http://agungsetyawan.mywapblog.com/

unique on 10:02 PM, 11-May-11

first of all , i would to thank you for Admin....bcoz mywapblog is so easy to use for a newbie like me ...GOD BLESS U ....amen..

Awang Haldis on 11:09 AM, 20-May-11

Mwb is the best wapblog ever

ADMIN ©ifpan.heck.in©™ on 06:54 PM, 22-May-11

love you mr.arvind lol can u add indonesian language in mywapblog.com ?
And can u add javAScript support? Thank's lol

Yusuf on 08:09 PM, 23-May-11

Hi, Arvind.
nice to see you and your creativity on Mywapblog.com
i know if you always added new features on Mywapblog and it's very nice.
Keep your good work !

Elank™ on 08:22 AM, 05-Jun-11

success always for Arvind,
god bless you

FAJAR NS™ on 07:13 PM, 10-Jun-11

I am very pleased to join with

Arif68 on 11:26 PM, 14-Jun-11

already 3 days a lot of comment that my blog entry in the form of spam .. what's that caused all that?? what can I do besides deleted.thank you.

Agung Setiyawan on 05:50 AM, 15-Jun-11

Hi! Nice blog!

Ichyenkx on 09:09 AM, 02-Jul-11

i love mwb

Riefanie Eka Fitriana on 06:25 PM, 03-Jul-11

Good blog...But i cant upload my files...How do way 4 it..?

mamora on 07:48 AM, 04-Jul-11

pengen lihat fotonya mr.arvind... Dikasih ga y?? biggrin

Indonesia Terbaik on 01:04 AM, 08-Jul-11

it is very nice sir

BUNAYA SYAHER on 04:55 PM, 08-Jul-11

Mr Arfind, saya cuma memberi saran, bagaimana bila ditambah fitur pengaturan komentar,
seperti membuat halaman per jumlah komentar,
misal 5 komentar per halaman.

Terimakasih. . .

Abdillah on 10:13 AM, 24-Jul-11

Hi, all... have a nice day.

Syukur on 03:59 PM, 25-Jul-11

I've already had 7 accounts on MyWapblog.com and I just wanna keep 1 listed here, please PM me how to remove the rest 6.. Thx

Reza on 06:45 PM, 26-Jul-11

I like it

KENHABIBI on 01:53 PM, 27-Jul-11

hi A.R.V.I.N.D

Agus Setiawan on 06:41 PM, 27-Jul-11

hy all, aq baru buat mywapblog nei, cara pakainya saya kurang tau ada yg bisa kasi tau ngk?

Yassier on 12:50 PM, 09-Aug-11

pleas buka blokir chat room saya

Yassier on 11:36 AM, 11-Aug-11

mr.arvin I ask you please unblock
my chat room thanks

AwiNothing on 05:52 AM, 17-Aug-11

Succes For MWB and olso Mr Arvind,,, biggrin

TheTechC on 12:20 AM, 25-Aug-11

Pengen jadi artis di Mywapblog gimana caranya? Kayak Bos Arvind.I love u full Mywapblog.

Kang Sabel on 02:17 PM, 25-Aug-11

Mr.arvind please add the file size for uploading a file
of 5 MB to 10 MB .. we'll all users can upload files

Oliver Flynn on 06:06 PM, 27-Aug-11

Hey, can we put linked banner on our blog? I mean image banner with link.

holiq on 03:16 PM, 31-Aug-11

nice blog ! Where can i get template like this?

मेघराज रोहलण 'मुंशी' on 03:06 PM, 22-Sep-11

ब्लॉगिंग सम्बन्धी जानकारी की सभी पोस्ट उपयोगी व महत्वपूर्ण है।

Pinjal on 09:12 AM, 30-Sep-11

hello Mr. Arvin..may i follow?

ArzuAkihiro on 02:47 PM, 03-Oct-11

please add to blog themes for pc

Kemal Uchiha on 07:39 PM, 04-Oct-11

tenk's for ever,,
my facebook : amankk07@ymail.com

Riyan on 11:28 AM, 10-Oct-11

Congrat mwb..
Happy anniversary..

Sadam on 07:07 AM, 12-Oct-11

belajar mywapblog.com


Sadam on 07:16 AM, 12-Oct-11

Mari belajar Blog.


Nur Khasanah Gien on 12:41 PM, 21-Oct-11

You are the best..
Nur khasanah gien's mobile blog

Arie t.y. on 05:19 PM, 22-Oct-11

hi arvind, i have question for you!!
where can I find out the user data MWB, like most high pagerank, most followers, etc.?

PlaywithDikdik on 01:38 PM, 23-Oct-11

MyWapBlog.com is the best mobile blog I know. Thank you mr. Arvind..smile

Jimus on 06:52 PM, 23-Oct-11

is the best mobile blog

ZONA INTERNET GRATIS on 01:21 AM, 04-Nov-11

add mywapblog to your blog ok

Dadan Purnama on 02:34 PM, 04-Nov-11

its realy true oficial blog?

K | L | I | K on 08:28 AM, 08-Nov-11

sorry ga bisa bahasa british,,, pak arvind apa orang India y? Aku pikir orang Indo mrgreen


BALONG GABUS on 06:58 PM, 08-Nov-11

lapor : saya tidak bisa menulis di chatroom selalu javascrip jadi bingung mau gimana,

BALONG GABUS on 06:59 PM, 08-Nov-11

lapor : saya tidak bisa menulis di chatroom selalu javascrip jadi bingung mau gimana,

BALONG GABUS on 07:00 PM, 08-Nov-11

lapor : saya tidak bisa menulis di chatroom selalu javascrip jadi bingung mau gimana,

Gapur on 05:14 PM, 10-Nov-11

it's time to learn wapblog

Bayoe community™ on 04:15 PM, 11-Nov-11

mr.Arvind terima kasih telah menyediakan domain gratis buat kami melalui mwb kami bisa menjalin keakraban dan mempererat persatuan antara kami sekali lagi kami mengucapkan banyak terima kasih.. Terus maju mwb
i love MWB

GhaCoet™MoBile on 05:04 PM, 12-Nov-11

Hello, before I say
many thanks to
the lord arivind
place. Which had
been providing a
service and the
mobile version of
this blog is very
good especially
for me. In this
case there is no
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on creativity
through sediankan
by mywapblog
you build. Without
you I might not be
able to create and
knowledge. And
once again I say
many thanks to
the lord Arivind
his staff and his
staff who have
helped you
Hopefully with
version 2 is more
advanced and
sophisticated than
wordpress and
blogger, thank

Gruis on 09:54 PM, 14-Nov-11

I love this site

Dhani 474 on 08:15 AM, 15-Nov-11

Mr. ada yang ingin saya
tanyakan kepada Mr.
Bisakah saya mengganti domain blog saya, dari
dhani_doank.mywapblog.com menjadi
dhani474.mywapblog.com ?! Atau
apa sajalah, yang penting jangan
memakai garis bawah (_), karena
hal itu ternyata banyak membawa masalah. Diantaranya tidak bisa
memasang google translate.
Mohon pertolongan dan

Faizal a.k.a Ichal's on 05:20 AM, 16-Nov-11

Buat sobat2 dateng ke blog ku y? And saling follow

Dhani 474 on 03:38 AM, 19-Nov-11

tuan saya ingin bertanya
apakah domain blog saya bisa
di ubah dari
menjadi dhani474.mywapblog.com agar tidak menggunakan
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antaranya tidak dapat
menginstal google
menerjemahkan. Mohon bantuan dan pencerahan

Dhanil on 06:43 PM, 08-Dec-11

I like this blog Arvind

Vasugi on 01:08 AM, 14-Dec-11


Vasugi on 01:09 AM, 14-Dec-11

Nice updates to the platform

{..:: Latin~noor™ ::..} on 04:47 AM, 19-Dec-11

hi Master Arvind
Help To Css
Why The Css Not Support For Mwb
Please For New Static Themes Active Or Active To Normal Mode
Thanks Master Arvind
MWB by Latin-Noor

Lilin Putih Blog on 11:36 AM, 22-Dec-11

hi mr. Arvind, I am a new user in this mywapblog. I am currently having difficulties in verification of this blog on yahoo site explorer with meta tags, turned out after I find out yahoo site explorer has joined forces with bing webmaster tools (can be checked). When I was in the bing webmaster tools verification by meta tag was not able too. Please be on the swatch solutions for the inconvenience. I am waiting for an answer as soon as possible, Thanks

Chomei Kanagaki on 04:12 PM, 27-Dec-11

Just say hi mrgreen

Cboyhacked on 05:36 PM, 03-Jan-12

succes smile

Ahmads Sidiq on 05:53 PM, 05-Jan-12

request donk tambahkan opsi vitur upload file yaitu upload via url biar ngeuploadnya tidak lama...

Nurdiyanto on 11:47 AM, 06-Jan-12

slam knal ea smile
aq promo sepatu lho gan,,sapa tau pada tertarik hehehe
visit back ea

BEZ HACK MASTER on 09:11 AM, 07-Jan-12

Sorry I can’t speak english, cuma mau tanya gimana sih cara menambah icon di judul mywapblog?

アミらミメ on 09:05 AM, 10-Jan-12


Natsu on 08:14 AM, 12-Jan-12

nice mrgreen

AndikaPermanaNugraha | WormTail™ on 06:09 PM, 17-Jan-12

mr.arvind. Its been long time no see you in chat room. Plis make some conversation with any body in chatroom.

Symbian Milano on 07:24 AM, 18-Jan-12

mr. Arvind please
change my
domain .. please
mister! Thank's

Symbian Milano on 11:26 PM, 18-Jan-12

bapak arvind saya datang lagi..kalau boleh saya mau minta bantuan..bisa nggak domain blog saya diganti dari heru_symbian.mywapblog.com menjadi herusymbian.mywapblog.com.semua file di blog saya udah saya hapus semua..tolong bantuannya..thank's

Milano on 07:01 PM, 20-Jan-12

mr.arvind saya datang lagi..mau mengucapkan terima kasih karena domain saya sudah ganti..tp domain yang lama kalau di klik kok masih ada mr.arvind..tolong pencerahannya..thank

Yogi Wirawan on 05:51 PM, 21-Jan-12

mampir ah.. numpang tenar tempat bos..

KIRA on 08:38 AM, 02-Feb-12


Ridho.nirmolo on 10:29 PM, 02-Feb-12

thakzzzz bozzzz

Ekogebolmaryono on 11:11 AM, 03-Feb-12

Numpang tenar mas bos wong cilacap

Afiek on 10:05 AM, 05-Feb-12

Hello admin .. If javascript
Format Could it be added in
the feature, and a choice of
Indonesian. Thank you before
his of http://afiek.mywapblog.com

Ryan Ajah on 04:35 PM, 06-Feb-12

wonogiri timur indonesia hadir cxcxcxcx

Paddz on 06:36 AM, 12-Feb-12

Please update paging on comment n guestbook. Thx

Mustopa on 10:52 PM, 13-Feb-12

Good work, hope in future can reach all human in the world..

Mustopa on 10:52 PM, 13-Feb-12

Good work, hope in future can reach all human in the world..

Mels on 08:12 AM, 14-Feb-12

Olla ^^w my name is Mels ^^ nice to know us

[NEWBIE] on 11:03 AM, 14-Feb-12

*saya mengucapkan banyak2 terima kasih kepada tuan arvind atas bantuan dan layanan untuk blog saya pada khususnya dan untuk MWB pada umumnya smile*
*sekali lagi terima kasih dan sukses selalu untuk MWB question*

Nanang on 12:27 AM, 15-Feb-12

ikut gabung mas brooooo

Ade cicyber hacker MUDA INDONESIA on 03:43 AM, 15-Feb-12

Bahasana oge teu kahalarti maranehmah..

Harlex on 05:36 PM, 15-Feb-12

good night mr. Arvind.
Why java sricpt Can added in MWB?

Abyrifa on 11:59 AM, 17-Feb-12

Hallo world.salam kenal from blog indonesia.follow beck oke...

Subenu on 12:17 PM, 17-Feb-12

maaf kalo blog saya kurang bagus .krna saya kurang paham,.mohon para sahabat sudi kiranya kasih kritik dan saran. Thk

© egye ⠟ on 04:01 PM, 17-Feb-12

hallo mr. Arvind...
Salam perkenalan dan sukses selalu biggrin
trima kasih telah mengizinkan saya untuk membuat blog


Much to my surprise for mywapblog very friendly search engine.

☆dJz_admiN☆。 on 09:50 AM, 21-Feb-12

hello world..how are u??happy blogging always..good luck for all..

© MaesaGT on 12:19 PM, 24-Feb-12


I am proud to learn blogging on mwb,hope you can companize me with a little skills . smile


Beniyanto on 04:16 AM, 26-Feb-12

MyWapBlog Is The Best !

SIROEZ™ on 02:36 AM, 28-Feb-12

mywapblog is the best mobile site building !! biggrin

rei on 11:20 AM, 28-Feb-12

hay arvind

Agung Afandi on 09:20 AM, 29-Feb-12

Please Add Javascript Code, For Best Customize smile

And Also, Add More Template For PC Mode,




Samidnawa on 09:17 AM, 01-Mar-12

Hallo Mr.Arvind, thanks for your mobile blog service MyWapBlog.com, i very like this. And i want ask, when CMS MyWapBLog.com can be Open Source like wordpress?

Ayber girl on 10:43 AM, 01-Mar-12

Hi mr.arvind biggrin

ibnu gunar on 04:22 PM, 06-Mar-12

* I thank the lord for help
and service Arvind to my
blog in particular and in
general to MWB ** once
again thank you and success
is always to MWB *

₪Cerita & Video 17th+® on 04:27 PM, 13-Mar-12

Hello admin mwb.

Irfan on 04:31 PM, 13-Mar-12

Wah kalau begini caranya ente harus belajar bahasa indonesia

Mahfud on 09:23 AM, 17-Mar-12

Mav gan saya pngen domain saya tpi cara'a gmna y?

Dhanjeung | Collection Of The Latest Applications on 11:53 AM, 23-Mar-12

Maaf saya mau ganti subdomain blog yang saya kelole http://dhanjeung86.mywapblog.com menjadi dhanjeung.com, saya sudah menyewa domain dan menggunakan layanan sebuah web DNS, tapi sampai saat ini domain blog saya masih belum berubah, butuh berapa hari agar blog saya memakai domain yang saya sewa tersebut?


Nyimak admin. Ngiring nyimpen link. Follow blog me please

Letterbomb on 03:02 PM, 25-Mar-12

Citampan numpang ninggalin jejak..cool

i think you have to learn indonesian language.

Gloria on 07:15 PM, 25-Mar-12

Hi.. I cant seem to login my account. It says invalid password.. My email is reynaldcosmey@yahoo.com and when i tried to forgot password, it says i need to verify my account through the email i used to register.. I dont see any verification email sent to my email. Please help me out.. Im looking forward to access my account, i have several post on my account. Thanks.

Yusuf Ardiansyah on 10:21 PM, 25-Mar-12

hi mr.arvind....
nice your creativity on Mywapblog.com
and thankss...

Harry on 01:01 PM, 26-Mar-12

How to report about a blog which is abusive? Thanks

Dizba DX on 07:46 PM, 28-Mar-12

Hi mr arvind??
Do you know that CO.CC domain was unbanned by google?..
If you know it,i wanted mywapblog can used co.cc domain. Please biggrin
thanks mr arvind

Maju terus mywapblog !

Abu!! on 06:17 AM, 29-Mar-12

Hy, mr. Arvind, i have a question for you:
- When i change the default emoticon with the new one, it is only work on my mobile device(Opera Mini), it is not work on my desktop PC. Why its can happened?

Hee, i'm sorry my english was bad, . Thx Mr. Arvind..

"Semoga MYWAPBLOG tetap terus dikembangkan !"

arrow biggrin confused 8) cry eek evil exclaim sad idea lol mad mrgreen neutral question razz redface rolleyes sad smile surprised twisted wink

The-Lufie Inc. on 04:55 PM, 30-Mar-12

kunjugan perdana dariku admin yang berbahagia,,
jangan lupa berkunjung ke situsku ya!!!

Joko jatmiko on 04:59 PM, 30-Mar-12


kunjungan malam mr arvind. .. .mrgreen . . rolleyes. .

biggrin. . . . . . . .
ditunggu kunjungannya dan follownya. .exclaim . biggrin !
Di blog saya. . .

Fajar on 07:05 PM, 31-Mar-12

Hi, Arvind.

agus supriono on 07:16 PM, 04-Apr-12

can I use music player? on the mywapblog.com

Dhanjeung Blog's on 05:23 AM, 08-Apr-12


Bagaimana caranya untuk menon-aktifkan fitur komentar, soalnya saya kadang jengkel dengan komentar yang rasis..

Thx sob,

Lienjie on 06:38 AM, 08-Apr-12

Kunjungan perdana broww...
tukeran link ya..
Ditunggu kunjungan nya..
tankss broo...

Wandy on 11:22 AM, 08-Apr-12

Hi mr. arvind !
Terimakasih atas dukungan anda terhadapt kontes CSS yang saya selenggarakan. Baru 3 hari pendaftaran dibuka, sudah ada 15 orang yang telah mendaftar. Ini membuktikan bahwa banyak sekali blogger MWB yang berminat mengikuti kontes CSS kali ini. Saya harap ada kenang-kenangan dari mr. Arvind untuk pemenang kontes CSS ini nantinya. Seperti kontes CSS terdahulu yang dimenangkan oleh mr. Flambon, anda memberikan domain [dot] Com secara gratis.

Deni's on 08:38 PM, 08-Apr-12

succes mr. . .

Master Trik™ on 12:26 PM, 11-Apr-12

Hi mr. arvind .

I beg you to erase with the porn in mywapblog , because i think it could be destructive of morale .

You might know it in no way buzzcity set advertisement that is displayed to blog , then just don 't mark a gambling .

For your attention i thank you .

Salam Persahabatan Selalu

Informasi Kredit Terbaik Di Indonesia Pinjal Nge-Blog on 06:49 PM, 11-Apr-12

hello Mr Arvind saya sedang mengikuti kontes seo informasi kredit terbaik di indonesia, mohon dukunganya

on 09:01 AM, 14-Apr-12

thank you mr. Arvind
because you do not delete
my account smile

Gawink on 12:14 PM, 14-Apr-12

nyong dadi paling bodo kiye lah..

♠ Ckholis Nc ♠ on 03:56 PM, 14-Apr-12

Mr.arvind sayakan sekarang menggunakan domain [dot]tk tapi blogku gak bisa di buka, terus pas mau ganti domain di domain parking tidak bisa di rubah/tulisan www.ckholisnc.tk gak bisa di klik, aku sudah bosan sama domain dot tk , tapi mau kembali ke asal http://noer.pun.bz gak bisa,sad
Mohon bantuannya mr.arvind

Agus on 05:21 PM, 16-Apr-12

Mr. Arvind, i need your comment for my blog XD, Anyway, do you understand Indonesia language? I think you must add Indonesia laoguage at mywapblog XD, do you ever come to Indonesia?

deawa88 on 08:52 AM, 17-Apr-12

please make a any new themes smile

Iwakpeyek | I.P on 03:13 PM, 17-Apr-12

mr.arvin मालिक करने के लिए
Mr.Arvin mālika karanē kē li'ē dhan'yavāda :mrgreen/ thanks to mr. Arvin as the
owner and Greetings for the

Adya Suherman on 12:20 PM, 22-Apr-12

silahkan masuk !

Dadang Sasaji on 04:34 PM, 26-Apr-12

mywapblog solusi kejenuhan di facebook trimakasih...

Zain Putra on 09:11 PM, 01-May-12

i like it MWB, n I Love u full MWBbiggrin

Kalu on 08:06 AM, 02-May-12

Nice blog hosting... But it'll be great if you guys try to make it much more customizable e.a additional HTML code acceptance and ability to add different adprogrammes

Gusti Andre [senary] on 09:36 AM, 02-May-12

why you dont play on competition css mei ?? You cant make css ??

Octavianus Beri on 04:59 PM, 02-May-12

Hi, can you block/remove this user/url; http://bokepers.mwb.im/, which contain with pornography that lead to the distributing of child pornography.. If you not remove/block its url 24 hour since this comment saved, we will take a legal measures under the Optional Protocol to the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography, issuing that your blog services/network involved to distributing child pornography

Andie Us on 10:58 PM, 04-May-12

asked permission to follow this blog Mr. Arvind

Yudi Setiadi on 12:08 PM, 05-May-12

Mywapblog is greatest wapsite biggrin

»» IqBaL «« on 02:08 PM, 07-May-12

good mr.arvind smile

follow me

Never-Newspaper! on 11:58 PM, 07-May-12

May 7 2012

Attention: Website provider (My Wap Blog)

Attempted to contact you, however, there is not contact form.

It appears there are still some problems with hacking of accounts.

Technical problems appear to exist in the uploading of files, scripts now appear in the biography that were not posted there originally.

Can you please resolve these problems as indicated, under technical problems.

Will email you, as the website provider, as available; please resolve the no contact form in the registered accounts. There is no format of communication, appears, other than direct email.

Was not able to continue to remain signed in due to low battery, hacking.

Please do not insert scripts in the content of the body of material posted to Never-Newspaper! such as the biography. The character marks that appear as scripts in the biography should not be there, unfortunately do not have much time to spend on the website currently; it is impossible to monitor for hacking (as you might be aware).

The recent post is and should remain Anti terrorism: Contamination.

Thank you,


*Please do not use website and blogs to slander or libel other ventures.

Amri Lubis on 06:16 PM, 08-May-12

Sorry can`t write english well. ..in my language:
MyWapBlog is my new blog generation

Anto-pku on 11:48 PM, 08-May-12

hello mr , i like mwb2 , succes forever for us

™DilaL RezpEctor™ on 05:08 PM, 09-May-12

succest for Mr.Arvind,,,,

Bagoes on 12:14 AM, 10-May-12

Orang bru ,nunut mampir bos"lam kenal smua"

Yahuud.com on 03:22 AM, 10-May-12

Hi mr.arvind..

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AbdalZ on 08:46 AM, 30-Apr-13

gan tolong lihat MyWapblog aku,..kok ada gambar sandalnya sih,......

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Ma'af Mr. Arvind kenapa blogku telah menjadi spam, padahal saya tidak berbuat apa-apa, tolong dibenerin ya Mr. Arvind ?

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hi Mr.Arvind.. Salam kenal. Kapan2 mampir ke blogku ya, agar saya tambah semangat ngeblog. Thanks

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Ijin isi bku tamu,.,. (^_-)☆

Nyutz on 07:22 PM, 08-May-13

Kang..saya mau nanya nih..kode html untuk membuat menu scroll/jump menu kok ga'bisa ya?
udah saya coba beberapa kali tetapi gagal ?
mohon bantuannya Private Message saya..terima kasih sebeumnya kang..
sukses terus buat mywapblog.. smile smile smile

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Rodrigo on 10:16 AM, 12-May-13

Eu so quero agradecer pelo otimo trabalho de vcs. Parabens!smile

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hellow mr arvind thanks to you about mwb.. Juz want to ask why my css becomes white how 2 improve it.

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Saya salut dengan MWB , . Hanya saja sangat disayangkan . . Masih banyak ulah orang-orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab atas penggunaan situs ini . . ! sad

IqbaL Margadana on 01:45 PM, 23-May-13

Saya minta bantuany blog saya dichat room kena spam yc saya minta maaf mungkin karna saya sering beriklan..
Mohon bantuany ..!!

Cammy on 11:29 AM, 24-May-13

siang mr.arvind. sya mau kompline nih Blog saya kena suspend pda saat mw posting pesan di ruang obrol...pdhal blog q gx prnah spam :/
please help me mr.arvind....thx b4

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