A Note About the New Version

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 05:07 PM, 29-Feb-12

We’re very proud to announce the release of the new version of MyWapBlog.com with big performance and code-base improvements. The magnitude of the improvement is not very obvious, however, as not too many new features have been added.

There were a lot of confusions regarding things in our little community (which isn’t little anymoresmile) and I didn’t get a chance to speak yet. So here is what you should know about this upgrade:

New Features

  1. Color Scheme page has been retired – it is very difficult to maintain its code now that the themes are complicated. Please learn a little CSS and use the “Edit CSS” feature available from the “Appearance | Theme” page
  2. Customize Theme has been integrated with “Appearance | Theme” page – the page seemed redundant. Previously, different themes were just different CSSs, and the page structure remained same always. Now, it’s not so, all the themes (2 right now) labeled “New Themes” differ in terms of HTML elements as well as CSS, so older CSS (with older CSS selectors) won’t work with these new themes. Now, in the new version you have to think of themes in a different sense – like Blogger and Wordpress do – different themes mean different HTML element, CSS selectors, different everything. Still, old themes, are intact labeled as “Classic Themes”. If you want to use old CSS themes, select any one of these themes (as they only differ in CSS not in HTML elements)
  3. New High-End mobile themes – Now MyWapBlog.com has total of three views, mobile, high-end mobile and desktop. With the increase in number of users using smart-phones this was necessary. These themes use JavaScript internally to create a better user-experience. Please edit this theme carefully or you’ll break it. You can use “Revert CSS” to revert the changes in case you mess it up

Internal Changes

As said, this update is more about the internal changes, the WHOLE user-blog (not admin area) code has been re-written. These changes will work as the base for many new features that we will keep adding. One of the major additions is the Templating system which is now being used to generate all pages internally. Thus enabling us to add “User-Editable” templates feature in future.

Note to CSS developers

Please use the new themes (under “New Themes” in “Appearance | Theme > Mobile”) as the basis for creating new CSS themes. Remember, now in the new version, you have to state which theme the user has to select (Classic or New and if New – which one) before pasting the CSS you created.

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334 responses to "A Note About the New Version"

Abd Cell on 05:09 PM, 29-Feb-12


вцδi взярзкзятi lцнця ® on 05:10 PM, 29-Feb-12


rakensu on 05:12 PM, 29-Feb-12

Thanx info smile

Dwi's60v2 Wahyudi™ on 05:13 PM, 29-Feb-12


dinorper on 05:14 PM, 29-Feb-12

perEmpatan.. Wkwkw

Black Heart on 05:15 PM, 29-Feb-12

mantab bos

Maliki on 05:17 PM, 29-Feb-12

Thanks for your information mr. Goodluck ya!

Isdi on 05:17 PM, 29-Feb-12

Like this

Yossrizal Ramadhan on 05:17 PM, 29-Feb-12

But , pageviews not work

Ahmad Sidiq on 05:18 PM, 29-Feb-12

Wow, its very good biggrin. Mr. Arvind, please share all of info not only on facebook but also on this blog so we always know what new. Good chance, sorry my english is bad biggrin.

Cienugsienuqs™ on 05:18 PM, 29-Feb-12

oke bos dimengerti..,.

ribut12 on 05:19 PM, 29-Feb-12

thank you for your update arvind.

Kamus on 05:20 PM, 29-Feb-12


Aseps60v2 on 05:20 PM, 29-Feb-12

God post

Lordmobi on 05:20 PM, 29-Feb-12

ok keep spirit mr arvind

mamora on 05:21 PM, 29-Feb-12

ijin download biggrin

arief on 05:22 PM, 29-Feb-12

mantaps mister.

Wildan on 05:22 PM, 29-Feb-12

we hope you've get the best for mywapblog later....

Awal Samsu-Ha on 05:22 PM, 29-Feb-12

Bentar.. pke google dulu wat nerjemahin... hehehe..

Yoga Na_90 on 05:22 PM, 29-Feb-12

Thanks for your attentions Mr.

markgo on 05:23 PM, 29-Feb-12

mantap surantap

Cabax Cc on 05:23 PM, 29-Feb-12

tq info ny .. Ane tl dulu bru nyimak ..

Zanabid on 05:23 PM, 29-Feb-12

I like when you say,"which isn’t little anymore."
But, I just wanna say that I need javascript support. Would you like to?

|_*OrochimarU*_| on 05:24 PM, 29-Feb-12


Rizky Wijaya on 05:26 PM, 29-Feb-12

thank you sir.. smile

Zhy™ << Magic Trick,Internet And Many More >> on 05:28 PM, 29-Feb-12

i dont know your meaning Mr. Cause i just can speak bahasa mrgreen

but i hope MWB can be better than previously

Blaze™ Blog on 05:30 PM, 29-Feb-12

thanks for this info. . . Proud to be mywapblogers!! My blog site http://blaze.mywapblog.com/

Hah Lada on 05:30 PM, 29-Feb-12

I like MWB

KIRA on 05:33 PM, 29-Feb-12

gtw artinya hehe

Yogi Wirawan on 05:37 PM, 29-Feb-12

kurang lebih artinya gini... uy para pengguna mwb.. kami udah ngapgred server dan sebagainya.. pokonya banyak banget lah yang di updet.. sampe saya pusing harus nulis ulang kode-kodenya.. gitu kan vind? biggrin

UTUN on 05:38 PM, 29-Feb-12

thank you for his or her notice?

Yondra | s60v3 share on 05:39 PM, 29-Feb-12

Oke lah ,,
gak ngerti ... razz
mau di translt dulu

Addie on 05:48 PM, 29-Feb-12

mantaab kang.....

Other Side ⡩ on 05:49 PM, 29-Feb-12

ora ngudeng, yg penting hadir.. mrgreen

тнч'диz on 05:56 PM, 29-Feb-12

Thank's For Your Info biggrin

dharmawan newbie on 05:59 PM, 29-Feb-12

it's my reason why i like mwb. Thanks mr. Arvind. Hehehe i need you to develop web version. Hehe

тяιзиιđαđ вυđιм▲и on 06:04 PM, 29-Feb-12

learn something new biggrin

Herly_putra on 06:05 PM, 29-Feb-12

Hhaturnuhun inponya.

JhaY Amowater on 06:05 PM, 29-Feb-12

thank bos,,mskipun g' ngerti bhasax yg pnting ucapin terima kasihmrgreenhehe

Herly_putra on 06:05 PM, 29-Feb-12

Hhaturnuhun inponya.

Wiwink on 06:07 PM, 29-Feb-12

waiting for mywapblog android application smile good luck.. smile

RudiPunyaOpini on 06:07 PM, 29-Feb-12

Hadir mas...
Terimakasih infonya ya..
Semoga semakin sukses saja..

☆dJz_admiN☆。 on 06:15 PM, 29-Feb-12

to admin...i'm happy with a new version mywapblog...nice and simple...hehehe...by the way let's follow my blog.....


<--eratkan silaturahim bersama-->>

Ipank on 06:16 PM, 29-Feb-12

Subhanallah ,artikelnya sungu bikin air mata q menetes. . .

EYANKGHAIB® on 06:19 PM, 29-Feb-12

pake three........
nyimak ae....biggrin

Ijolumut'z on 06:22 PM, 29-Feb-12

Wah, gak mudeng neh bos. lol

arieftewe on 06:25 PM, 29-Feb-12

sip gan. Siap. Ngomong2 maksudte opo yo?

Master Pelawak on 06:26 PM, 29-Feb-12

Mr. Arvind,
How are you..

Nyam2.. Eat food to cat..

Bye-bye, good luck

Anyoel KotoKers™ on 06:29 PM, 29-Feb-12

thanks mr. Arvind.. Good your default css.. I like it smile

♥ AkiryO ♥ on 06:45 PM, 29-Feb-12

CSSnya mantab bos..
arrow http://akiryo.heck.in

AKGUNZ MOBILE on 06:52 PM, 29-Feb-12

i'm sorry i speak in indonesian.

saya akan mencoba beradaptasi dengan tampilan yang baru. Dan mungkin saya akan belajar membuat css untuk mywapblog versi baru.

Abyrifa on 06:53 PM, 29-Feb-12

Oranana weruh ingsun ya saikh.kwek kwek kwek...

Mahmud410'cs on 06:54 PM, 29-Feb-12

Mantap kang mrgreen

Semoga semua bisa berjalan dengan baik & mywapblog bisa lebih canggih lagi

Kunbal ya gan ke

Junardy on 06:58 PM, 29-Feb-12

Semoga MWB makin
maju biggrin

Junardy on 06:58 PM, 29-Feb-12

Semoga MWB makin
maju biggrin

Ve Zein on 07:15 PM, 29-Feb-12

I Like MWB

Manman Rohman on 07:16 PM, 29-Feb-12

Bagus kalo ada aplikasi buat chat atau browser khusus MWB

prince_yankee on 07:45 PM, 29-Feb-12

Well done mister !
I hope mwb will be better for now n forever..
We'll help you by clicking ads on our blog coz just that we can do for u..

Yudhistira on 08:11 PM, 29-Feb-12

congragulation mr.Arvind...

i hopes mwb can much better after this change,thanks...

Brett on 08:11 PM, 29-Feb-12

Thanks for your professional support Arvind, your dedication to providing an end user exprience is awesome! (best mobile blog on the net) !!

RiiztaN Яя on 08:13 PM, 29-Feb-12

Dari atas sampai bawah yang komen kebanyakan orang Indonesia..hehe biggrin

Yudhistira on 08:14 PM, 29-Feb-12

congragulation mr.Arvind...

i hopes mwb can much better after this change,thanks...

Yudhistira on 08:16 PM, 29-Feb-12

congragulation mr.Arvind...

i hopes mwb can much better after this change,thanks...

Agung Afandi on 08:21 PM, 29-Feb-12

Thanks Mister...

But I want Java Script Featue Please!

Thanks For The New Features...

I Love MWB, And I Love Post In MWB smile


Agung Afandi on 08:23 PM, 29-Feb-12

One Again Mister...

Desktop Themes Please smile

Thanks... smile

Gandrunk™ on 08:34 PM, 29-Feb-12

hag hag ai like indonesia

ANANSYAH on 08:56 PM, 29-Feb-12

thanks for info mr arvind smile

ANANSYAH on 08:57 PM, 29-Feb-12

thanks for info mr arvind smile

Kingsley on 09:06 PM, 29-Feb-12

tHanks for this.. I hope you guys while add sharing buttons. Fb like,tweet button,digg etc...8-)

sedenx on 09:26 PM, 29-Feb-12

perubahan ea...
Makasih bos udah mau ngabulin ide

Lilik Bagus on 09:42 PM, 29-Feb-12

mister, coba pake bahasa palembang dong. saya ikut aja deh. yang penting gak ada masalah gitu lo

Rully Aditya on 09:48 PM, 29-Feb-12

pembaharuan lagi ya boss arvind

Jalyan_zhula™ on 10:42 PM, 29-Feb-12

for PC MR.

|V̲̅A̲̅D̲̅I̲̅E̲̅L̲̅2̲̅4̲̅| on 11:51 PM, 29-Feb-12

I don't know exactly about css, but I can learn it in one year mrgreen

pantes aje, mwb akhir2 ini eror. Ada perbaikan rupanya ya. Sukses mr.arvind

Latif Mualim on 12:13 AM, 01-Mar-12

thanks 4 your hardwork

PАYКEЯ ™ on 12:17 AM, 01-Mar-12

Jalan2 tengah malam alias ngerondain blog yg share nice info jadi skalian mau lapor ijin nyimak sob mrgreen

Jauhari on 12:31 AM, 01-Mar-12

Thanks for your professional support Arvind, your
dedication to providing and end user exprience is
awesome! (best mobile blog on the net) !!
Komentar ini hasil copy paste komentar di atas mrgreen

srichovarent on 12:44 AM, 01-Mar-12


Never on 01:41 AM, 01-Mar-12

Thank u Mr. Arvind on the improvements made,
to always perform better. . I
hope, the future is more successful MWB. . .

Dhanjeung | Collection Of The Latest Applications on 03:04 AM, 01-Mar-12

Tambah keren aja ini MWB.. Maju terus Mr....


Ditunggu kunjungannya,

Flambon on 03:51 AM, 01-Mar-12

wah begitu ya om arvind..mantap deh..tp jgn dirubah rubah trus selector.x...
Bikin pusing..wkwkwkwkwk biggrin

bz0129boyz on 03:59 AM, 01-Mar-12

thanx for information,,,,


kantoi on 04:55 AM, 01-Mar-12

sye x fhm r

tungpeyz 七廿门石户巳丫乙 | JAVA GAME 320X240 TERBARU on 06:35 AM, 01-Mar-12

lil' bit confusing for me, i must learn from 0 to modify new css
but overall i like the new mywapblog, thanks mr.arvind GBU

buat yg ga ngerti bhs inggris dibawah ada translate to indonesian tinggal klik aja

NugrahA on 06:53 AM, 01-Mar-12

wah. . . Mwb always is the best. . .

axen on 07:09 AM, 01-Mar-12

mumet maning

ﺍﻟﻌﻜﺮﻱwap on 07:26 AM, 01-Mar-12

Thank you for your info mr.arvindexclaim I've tried
to edit the default css mr.arvind. mrgreen

Taufik Adiluhur on 07:37 AM, 01-Mar-12

perbaikan.. Hidup MWB.. Hidup

Lilin Putih Blog on 07:37 AM, 01-Mar-12

oke dah, koment dulu baru ntar di translate mrgreen

roeyzee <d(^_~)b> on 07:40 AM, 01-Mar-12

Nyimak mr.arvind ah smile

Exodius on 08:22 AM, 01-Mar-12

good job mr. arvind

please add fitur for WYSIWYG: add font color !

Dopleek Hollow on 08:28 AM, 01-Mar-12

good job mr , smile

Koproh on 08:44 AM, 01-Mar-12

ora ngerti bahasane...
pokok'ke i love you mwb dah... smile

Samidnawa on 09:12 AM, 01-Mar-12

Mantap Mr.biggrin..

Good job! I like this.....

Neng Ai on 09:16 AM, 01-Mar-12

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'eQokkk on 09:35 AM, 01-Mar-12

Good Job! smile

Bintang on 10:19 AM, 01-Mar-12

Thank's bos,

anakdilam on 10:29 AM, 01-Mar-12

Thanks for info mr..
Meski g tau artinye,ane harap untuk kedepannya mywapblog bisa lebih bersaing dengan blog blog lainnya..lol
goodluck 4 mywapblog..!

Eko Prasetyan on 11:11 AM, 01-Mar-12

Mumet ndasku pin aripin, , , , nek sing ngenggo ki iyo ae, . , , , la nek sing nggae utek'e sigar. . . . mrgreen

D-Yogz on 11:31 AM, 01-Mar-12

I like mwb!!
I can bloging via phone with mwb. .
Now I learned a study in blog mwb with all the user of mwb. .

Thx sir for this site, I like it!

☆dJz_admiN☆。 on 12:15 PM, 01-Mar-12

.yeah..mywapblog still the best...

Sayah on 12:23 PM, 01-Mar-12

Great platfrom ,, for newbie

moels@mwb on 02:15 PM, 01-Mar-12

God job mr Arvind

Rahmat Hidayat on 04:23 PM, 01-Mar-12

keren dah ni dunia mywapblog ..thanks to mr.arvin

Cahaya Blog on 05:32 PM, 01-Mar-12

Mwb is really great.
Thanks mr.arvind
one day i hope mwb can add new feature.smile

Alay09 on 05:45 PM, 01-Mar-12


Asura Danisuke | MWB Netralizer on 06:24 PM, 01-Mar-12


Acher on 08:03 PM, 01-Mar-12


viroez85™ on 08:56 PM, 01-Mar-12

hadir bos, untuk meramaikan mrgreen

Chibi "Anonymous" on 09:59 PM, 01-Mar-12

Done.. It's Fixed

® SHEILOMAN™ on 10:46 PM, 01-Mar-12

thanks for your info, i like it.

Ijolumut'z Ngeblog on 07:40 AM, 02-Mar-12

Thank you banyak Mister. biggrin

Heddy hidayat on 10:44 AM, 02-Mar-12

Pertamax smile

zawix on 05:45 PM, 02-Mar-12

gowo boso jowo wae kang arvind biggrin

Adit on 11:59 PM, 03-Mar-12

sayang'a LINK yg kita post kan gk bsa d klik… hnya brupa tulisan aja……

Wish&Fate on 07:13 AM, 04-Mar-12

just can hope this change, will make a better MWB

Javanic HSC on 10:29 AM, 04-Mar-12

mesti komen apa ya??? Tuing.. tuing.. Bngung rolleyes


Maria on 12:39 PM, 04-Mar-12

Nice update admin.. I love the new template.. It gives readers the 'wow' factor.. And us bloggers the priviledge of practicing our skills in coding.. Keep it up! I hope you can also add new themes 4 pc...

Zainal on 04:41 PM, 04-Mar-12

knapa pageview/day mcet ditgal 18 mas...mrgreen

Han on 07:58 PM, 04-Mar-12

Thank's very much Master. Good job, good info, good all. Success for you. Maaf englishnya betul nggak ya, maklumi ya biggrin

Agung.dkid on 02:10 AM, 05-Mar-12

Masih bingung sama css sad

Anto Alpachino on 12:21 PM, 05-Mar-12

ak jg msh bingung dg css,tlng master pncrhnnya

Kevin Opmin Jrocks on 02:33 PM, 05-Mar-12


Midun on 06:31 PM, 05-Mar-12

keren gan skg mwb thanks n semakin sukses

Arisanthox on 09:28 PM, 05-Mar-12

sayang css ini tidak bisa dipasangi logo..

angga dugk on 04:58 AM, 06-Mar-12

pantesan kmarin sering eror, ternyata ada yg baru

Ioncy on 07:28 AM, 06-Mar-12

mantap bangettt,..

Wong indonesia banyak yg comment,..
Follow myblog yaps

Kheenky on 02:45 AM, 07-Mar-12

salam kenal bos

'eQokkk on 12:36 PM, 07-Mar-12

Muantab dueh. . . .

Raden Iif on 03:52 PM, 07-Mar-12

Mantab Mr.
How about page statistic?

Endyzhu on 04:16 PM, 08-Mar-12


newspapers.mywapblog.com on 06:36 AM, 09-Mar-12

Ane g ngerti,, yang penting koment.. Hehee... biggrin

ArbesDj on 11:38 AM, 09-Mar-12

good job Mr.arvind,but yesterday i found a bug,(but i don't know yet it's bug or not) smile i can't making a div style with image as a background when i posting,why? ...it's working if i use a color..not images..

NAWANZ~Mancunian~ on 04:49 PM, 09-Mar-12

thx boss...

Ekogebolmaryono.com on 04:59 PM, 09-Mar-12

tidak mengerti pak bos tetang css

trisnanto on 04:23 AM, 10-Mar-12

tk ngerti aku, bisa bimbing ane kan?

Ihya 'Roach' Sanderson on 05:30 PM, 10-Mar-12

Bro, what about the error in the 'blog update'?

Oke on 03:16 PM, 11-Mar-12

What's wrong with the mr.arvin mywapblog
Why Does frequent error was no
improvement in it

Ani Ancha Susanto on 06:30 AM, 12-Mar-12


MR. GPRS ™ on 10:10 AM, 12-Mar-12

Great job Mr... ... I Love MyWapBlog Forever

Harga Notebook on 08:57 PM, 12-Mar-12

I think mywapblog is better than last time. Thank for this new feature

Indah Nya Saling Berbagi on 06:51 AM, 13-Mar-12

good like forever bos biggrin

₪Cerita & Video 17th+® on 04:30 PM, 13-Mar-12

Mr.arvin kenapa mywapblog tidak bisa memakai html code type file .js ?

Sigit Trimayanto on 04:54 PM, 13-Mar-12

oh gitu, jangan lupa folback ke http://sigittm.heck.in

sayko_kalem on 08:28 PM, 13-Mar-12

nice info... Thank's

Wapblogku on 04:43 PM, 15-Mar-12

Mr. Arvind how to change language on navigation-menu.
i want to change home about navigation with indonesian language.
Thank you

Indah Nya Saling Berbagi on 01:18 PM, 16-Mar-12

good like mr. arvindwink

Han on 06:26 PM, 17-Mar-12

Very nice, thank's very much.

GOPLEM XOSAXI on 05:12 PM, 18-Mar-12

mantap bos hadir nyimak

Joe Rizky on 12:29 PM, 19-Mar-12

kebanyakan yang koment orang indonesia ya. Hehe.


WormTail™ | AndikaPermanaNugraha on 11:41 AM, 20-Mar-12

thnx arvind. . In this ne upgrade I thought that you would add more history of chatroom and option to save or delete private message. . . I always miss my chat and private massage. . And once more . . Why we can't edit desktop themes? eek thnx for your notification. . Respon me on my new post if you want. . mrgreen

WormTail™ | AndikaPermanaNugraha on 11:41 AM, 20-Mar-12

thnx arvind. . In this ne upgrade I thought that you would add more history of chatroom and option to save or delete private message. . . I always miss my chat and private massage. . And once more . . Why we can't edit desktop themes? eek thnx for your notification. . Respon me on my new post if you want. . mrgreen

Slametwahyudi on 03:33 PM, 20-Mar-12

thanx yo Mr. Arvind for your dedication in mwb. I hope mwb will be better in every time.

Slametwahyudi's Mobile Blog


Taufiq on 05:18 PM, 20-Mar-12

wow..!!! i don't understand biggrin

Didie on 12:04 PM, 21-Mar-12

tanya mr ,bagaimana cara memasang tema desktop di mwb
tolong di share

Diyo on 06:29 PM, 21-Mar-12

Diyo and other friend Like This

Andi Van De KuRN DarkLighT's on 07:16 PM, 21-Mar-12

Nongol ah di sini, xixi....

Ijin telat boss

Alonso on 05:11 PM, 22-Mar-12

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Freaksands on 09:37 PM, 22-Mar-12

wew., gak ngerti aku ckck biggrin

Arif46 on 05:44 PM, 23-Mar-12


mantap info'a!!
Jangan lupa kunbalnyaea sob??
Dan jangan lupa follback'a ea??

Kalo bisa tukeran link??

cukup sekian!!

ANS on 04:09 AM, 24-Mar-12

sucsess . . . .


Teu ngartos kang ngringan wen

Diyo on 06:34 AM, 25-Mar-12

good job my friend..lol thanks for your works...

Putri on 07:07 PM, 25-Mar-12

nyoba nongkrong di istana ini ah...

Yusuf Ardiansyah on 10:24 PM, 25-Mar-12


Jimus on 02:07 PM, 26-Mar-12

Maju terus MWB..

Jongos on 08:04 AM, 27-Mar-12

wah paling buntut nech,ttp smangat

Javanic Go-blog on 11:22 AM, 28-Mar-12

succes mr. Arvind..
punten, mohon ijin nitip lapak disini.. smile


Trik Internet Gratis Telkomsel Indosat XL Axis Three Facebook Terbaru on 01:54 PM, 28-Mar-12

numpang iklan kang Arvind...mrgreen

Yosi Love Kartin on 01:56 PM, 28-Mar-12

aku ga mudeng mudeeng

Eko Dedy Iяawaп on 05:10 PM, 28-Mar-12

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Meo on 06:18 AM, 29-Mar-12

nu penting mah hadir n nyimak we... biggrin

HIDUP SEHAT ALAMI on 10:22 AM, 29-Mar-12

isinya orang indo semua ? Zahahaha

shinö ändrä™ on 03:35 PM, 30-Mar-12

i like it mr biggrin

Intervention on 05:33 AM, 01-Apr-12

I have a problem with post update from the blog that I follow , the old one post was appeared again and the newest one didn't show at all. Sorry for my bad english.

Sarilah on 11:06 AM, 01-Apr-12

Thanks mr.arvind.biggrin

tidak paham bahasa inggris.

Sarilah on 11:09 AM, 01-Apr-12

Oh tentang tema css.tema css sekarang bagus dan keren mr.arvind.biggrin

WarPen on 07:19 PM, 04-Apr-12

Kunjungang perdana mr.. Lok lenggang flbeck za? Hehe

susanto on 04:11 PM, 05-Apr-12

bagus temanya...

kumpulan on 04:42 PM, 05-Apr-12

nice friend.....

Arvind on 03:44 PM, 07-Apr-12

We have fixed this.

Neo Mobile Blog on 09:42 AM, 08-Apr-12

great job mr. Arvind . . .keep it up . . .

Deni's on 08:41 PM, 08-Apr-12

good post mr

Ardi Suryana on 04:05 AM, 11-Apr-12

aku gak mudeng mrgreen

-=*yangyang perdianto*=- on 10:21 AM, 11-Apr-12

kunjungan balikk gan http://yangyang.heck.in

eryie666 on 01:46 AM, 13-Apr-12


Azka Andra on 04:26 AM, 13-Apr-12

absen mas boz arvind. . .smile

« Ansar Dinata » on 08:35 PM, 14-Apr-12

thx 4 sharing bos arvind..
Please visit my blog biggrin

orangsunda on 01:50 PM, 17-Apr-12

teu ngarti wing mah bahasana mang arvind wkwkwkwkwkbiggrin

Zacky NuMetalizer on 05:51 PM, 17-Apr-12

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Thank you, we sure would like to add JavaScript support but only when we have considered all the security implications.

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