A little partnership experiment…

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 07:23 PM, 01-Mar-11

A guy from WapeGo.com / Mobtron.com contacted me recently regarding a small partnership. He posted a review of MWB over at his site, so I’m returning him the favor. This is an honest review of his site after trying it out for short time; therefore, the information may not be 100% correct!

So, wapego.com is a wapsite creator which seems to be similar to xtgem.com from what I’ve seen so far.

The first time you visit this site you can see that site is not optimized for PC-viewing. But, for all the peoples solely using the phone it hardly matters. Registration is simple and doesn’t require email confirmations. The site runs quite fast and smooth.

After you login, you’re taken to the Control Panel; there are quite a few options there. The one I thing I particularly liked about the site is the ease of which you can earn money for those who are interested. They verify your site before ads start appearing. You earn 50% revenues from the clicks generated, there’s no third-party because they pay themselves. You don’t need to register with any ad networks.

I have had a talk with the guy and he said while this is easy for the users, the fill-rates are not very high.

Shifting a bit to our site, we don’t pay ourselves, you choose (from the list of 4) the ad network of your choice, provide the Pub. Id and we pull ads from your account, pretty transparent I must say.

Coming to something that I don’t like, there are limits to many things (although pretty generous) like number of files you can store, number of items you can have per page etc. there’s quite a list! And as usual they need money (directly or indirectly) to extend the limits. There’s a SMS payment option there to charge your visitors for some contents you have on your site. Honestly, this is something I don’t like.

It’s a wap site creator, and not a blogging service like us, so you must spend some time to have your pages up. It’s not as easy as “publishing a post” actually quite cumbersome to write a new page. That’s the fundamental difference between a site creator and a blogging service. With a site creator you’re in much better control but with added complexity and repeated-ness.

Some features:

- More than 86 000 mobile sites created, translated to 8 languages;
- All Wapego users have ads exchange facility - so it's easy to get users even for new site;
- Every site has referrals module - site owner can encourage users to attract new members via referral link;
- Every site created via Wapego is optimized for all mobile devices. Every site created via Wapego has also WML version suitable for very old devices
- A lot of personalization possibilities: many color themes available, capability to edit CSS;
- Full control on ALL texts. Site owner can change all texts in his site, even system texts like "error", "next".
- Possibility to park own domain.
- Many domains to choose from (for sub-domain)

While the features look promising I can’t recommend the site to anyone who likes (or is used to) the comfort of “publishing a post” here at MWB. Others can check out the site and give their reviews here for the guy to see.

There’s one more site he owns called mobtron.com, I’ve also checked that out and it seems to look quite good and professional. Features seem to be similar but this one has a far better desktop layout and functionality.

So, if you have some extra time, and are eager to check out a new wapsite creator, head over to WapeGo.com and post your likings and disliking here.

Remember, this is a review of what I feel honestly from what I’ve seen in a short span of time. Information I gathered may not be fully correct.


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16 responses to "A little partnership experiment…"

Riyan Hidayat on 08:38 PM, 01-Mar-11

I prefer MWB

Awang Haldis on 08:52 PM, 01-Mar-11

Mwb is the best (for me) biggrin

WiseWebWorx on 05:46 PM, 04-Mar-11

Hey Arvind. . . I started a Mobtron site at the same time as mywapblog.com and I can say that it is good except that customizing it takes time although hard work pays off. I'm currently trying to figure out wapego ! I'm from South Africa & well there's a major lack of technology regarding websites & wapsites its always a learning experience for me.
Great effort To improve on existing great things

WiseWebWorx on 06:14 PM, 04-Mar-11

Another thing is I would just like to give my personal experience for guys...
My site at mobtron was abit difficult using a phone but more accessible using a pc due to the fact that the pc version has a very nice drag & drop interface which saves alot of time & it is quite easy to understand. However when using a mobile phone it changes to a ''lets call it'' folder interface. for e.g. once you click header , you may add anything (ads etc, piece by piece in it which may be slower but remember that when you add the header to any page the elements inside remain unlike most other mobile site builders which TRUST ME relieves alot of stress...
Secondly similar to MWB there are templates for the site & they come with ready-made.
For instance, For my site, I picked the iPhone downloads template which works great on any phone & comes with files pre-loaded (music,picz, etc.) so in EFFECT you can just register & make minor modifications.
If you wish to use it as a 'storage space' for your site or an extension to your blog it should work.
Most of my time & effort is spent on MWB though due to the fact that inspiration for a blog post lasts a couple minutes & (maybe I'm not used to it) to 'post' it on mobtron may take some time.
My site is informational & South African but visit it so you know...
It is http://guardian.surfing24.net
& was built in 2 days (1 to figure things out).
Overall I would say that some people, like myself like the best of both worlds.

LpuARmy on 01:26 PM, 06-Mar-11

Great ..

Icho on 06:35 AM, 07-Mar-11

Mwb is my 1st wap blog..I've found a lot of friends here. But at least..nice info

Ranju CK Wayanad on 08:08 AM, 07-Mar-11

I think wapka.mobi is better than wapego. It's very easy to create pages on wapka. But there's no doubt that the best mobile blogging platform in mywapblog... smile

Ranju CK Wayanad on 08:11 AM, 07-Mar-11

MyWapBlog is the Best...

WiseWebWorx (shaneel maharaj) on 02:57 PM, 09-Mar-11

I used wapka.mobi as well before mobtron. I gave up with it. It takes way too long. I actually think raw code would be quicker!

Jongos on 06:11 AM, 14-Mar-11

Best of the best

Arvind on 03:09 PM, 15-Mar-11


SUMBODI on 08:04 AM, 18-Mar-11

Thank for the update.Sounds nice.

yusup on 09:30 AM, 20-Mar-11

thank you for providing a place for creative young people through blogs, please visit my mrgreen

uniQUE [It's Like That Name!] on 09:12 AM, 13-Jun-11

bless you Arvind

kεииε†н jσни άяgμεไ on 01:48 PM, 31-Jul-11

1thing i hate about WAPEGO.COM is there's no way of inserting HTML scripts or any script... So i decided to use MWB .. And its very useful .. MWB is the best..

Zarak on 06:05 PM, 31-Aug-12

East or west MWB is the best :*

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