A Few Recent Changes

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:30 PM, 11-Jul-11

There have been some minor changes to MyWapBlog.com that I’d like to quickly mention.

  1. Comment Verification System – We’ve installed a new system to fight spam which is doing quite a good job. There’s one thing I’d like to mention in this regard – even when you have “Comment Moderation” disabled some comments might be marked “waiting for approval” by the system. The system works this way – when the comment is suspected to be a spam, it’s marked as “spam”, else if the system has the slightest doubt, it’s marked “un-approved”; only when the system is sure that the message is not spam, is the comment approved.
  2. Feedback Form – Now the feedback form on the Dashboard is only available to those that have a verified email address registered with us.
  3. BBCode in Comments – To prevent abuse, comments now will only support a subset of BBCode tags ('b', 'i', 'u', 's', 'sub' and 'sup').
  4. [EDIT]Automated Domain Parking – See "Custom Domain" page[/EDIT]

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56 responses to "A Few Recent Changes"

Arif68 on 03:43 PM, 11-Jul-11

thank for info...

sedenx on 03:49 PM, 11-Jul-11

means for the current user-made comments to the code can no longer sir?

sedenx on 03:50 PM, 11-Jul-11

Testing sir

mamora on 03:50 PM, 11-Jul-11

pertamax... mrgreen thanxs mister,! Sekarang saya tau alasannya ketiga masalah itu belakangan ini saya alami...

uniQUE [It's Like That Name!] on 03:55 PM, 11-Jul-11

comment required url for other domain such as blogspot or wordpress

Ykubnay on 04:09 PM, 11-Jul-11

mana yang baik saja brother arvind. Thanks

Teguh_cahjowo on 04:22 PM, 11-Jul-11

good job bos, i always wait the next features.mrgreen


jenius.mywapblog.com on 04:23 PM, 11-Jul-11

Info very useful, thank you very much sir Arvind.

Daffa Ardhan on 04:23 PM, 11-Jul-11

thank you!

Anansyah on 04:25 PM, 11-Jul-11

thanks mr arvind for info smile gimana baiknya saja untuk mempermudah para user di mwb.

Agung Setiyawan on 04:41 PM, 11-Jul-11

Nice Info Mr. Arvind. mrgreen I Like It! hhehehe, biggrin

Incredible Bulluux on 04:48 PM, 11-Jul-11

Hell yeah!!! \m/

All of my feedback, just being answered now,

thankyou Arvind.smile

Incredible Bulluux on 04:50 PM, 11-Jul-11

now i dont have to check my email mrgreen

RamdaN2478 on 05:08 PM, 11-Jul-11

mywapblog Rocks \m/- biggrin -\m/

Ibn Ahmed on 05:15 PM, 11-Jul-11

Thanks for this informations sir, that no.3 my problem before this post,hehe..
Now, i know that. smile

Bengong™ on 05:18 PM, 11-Jul-11

nice info bro n good work.. mrgreen

a5ep on 05:30 PM, 11-Jul-11

this Ok,i liket it.
But i'm the one request for at post,how to support javascript file. And i hope your confirm to mywaplog with Private messages. Thanks before

aden on 06:20 PM, 11-Jul-11

its realy make us fell comfort and away from spammer good job

Ranju CK Wayanad on 07:16 PM, 11-Jul-11

Good job sir... smile

Budi Darmawan on 07:35 PM, 11-Jul-11

Good news! I like it! smile

angga_end on 10:00 PM, 11-Jul-11

Thanks bro

jiraya_x on 04:48 AM, 12-Jul-11


Gochun surya on 06:34 AM, 12-Jul-11

Thanks for your info boss, good job..

Danoe a.w on 07:14 AM, 12-Jul-11

absen pagi sob...tmbh semangat n tmbah sukses gan..biggrin

Asep Saepudin on 08:51 AM, 12-Jul-11

thanx 4 info sir...

Dhanang Prasetya on 11:38 AM, 12-Jul-11

Bro Arvind? Can us remove the "Subscribe To Comment Feed (RSS/Atom)", what is the selector that used in CSS?

Ykubnay on 12:44 PM, 12-Jul-11

ternyata warga mwb pd jago bhs ingrs

JhaY on 04:17 PM, 12-Jul-11

ikutan thank you ah,pdhal g' ngrti sdikit pun.he2
salam kompak bwt sahabat MWBer's semua !!

Dhanang Prasetya on 04:42 PM, 12-Jul-11

@ykubnay: drpda bingung mending tanya langsung ama yg punya mrgreen

Ichyenkx on 05:07 PM, 12-Jul-11

good jobs mr arvind

Panji on 06:13 PM, 12-Jul-11

ijin nyimak plus absen malam..sip gan,di tunggu post berikutnya..ttp semangat..biggrin

Wibawa on 06:37 PM, 12-Jul-11

Good job boss.. Thx u.. biggrin

Cgbalu on 11:09 PM, 12-Jul-11

Good job. Thank you. smile

Syukur on 09:03 AM, 13-Jul-11

would you enable <script sir?

Bayukaya on 12:48 AM, 14-Jul-11

God Bless U Arvind

⣇metaLiar⣇ on 09:57 AM, 14-Jul-11

Nice work boss .... Mwb is the best mobile blog

Arvind on 04:17 PM, 15-Jul-11


@Dhanang Prasetya,
Please send me a Feedback with the question.

JasonArnott on 08:10 AM, 16-Jul-11


Dhanang Prasetya on 03:45 PM, 16-Jul-11

Can us remove the "Subscribe To Comment Feed (RSS/Atom)", what is the selector that used in CSS?
I've uploaded the screenshot to make you understand what is the part that I mean, click http://ayo-c.heck.in/files/feed.png

I've sent this on Feedback too smile

Arvind on 08:33 AM, 18-Jul-11

@a5ep, Syukur,
I'll have to analyze some security issues before I enable JavaScript. Right now, I'm busy with the new version of MWB, so it'd take some time.

P.S.: "JavaScript has taken sites such as MySpace.com and LiveJournal offline in the past" - From: http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/

Amma on 12:14 PM, 18-Jul-11

nice smile big bos!
What navigation javaScript? ? Please help me

a5ep on 08:45 PM, 19-Jul-11

thanks for info,
i hope next Mywapblog new version a best more,
i'll waiting to next post

Fatkhur on 09:03 PM, 19-Jul-11

ok..perhap u would like to add javascript support

fandy.mywapblog.com on 09:32 PM, 19-Jul-11

nya muhun . Hatur nuhun kang wink

enoz.heck.in on 10:17 PM, 20-Jul-11

nyimak ae lah

a5ep on 05:44 AM, 21-Jul-11

Was able to help me? I want
categories list into two columns,
then how with the css? I
hope you answered via private
message on MyBlog. Thanks

Fotobugil on 12:39 PM, 21-Jul-11

nice blog, keep posting dude

Maxiluckies on 01:43 PM, 22-Jul-11

Ok.. Ok.. Javascript will be launch.. Har har ha he he he..

cintaku on 03:11 PM, 24-Jul-11

bro Arvind, someone give comment like this... hello 'aajebek' good post 'aajebek' thanks -- and your sistem call this a spam. Is it true ??

mamora on 06:46 PM, 24-Jul-11

ijin download bro! lol lol ditunggu kunjungan baliknya mister! razz wkwkwk
mwb still number 1

mamora on 06:49 PM, 24-Jul-11

oh ya!!! its awesome!! Just in 2 month, i get 1PR from google! Amazing....

KENHABIBI on 01:52 PM, 27-Jul-11

emm, lumayan lahlol

MEL-DILLA on 01:15 PM, 21-Aug-11

Good to know

Anapratz on 04:41 PM, 12-Sep-11

Pleace follow me back.

Gamegratis on 04:05 PM, 17-Sep-11

thank you Boss..smile

@Donie_SB on 12:53 PM, 04-Mar-12

love you mr arvind

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