50 Hours Downtime

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 04:02 PM, 23-Feb-11

I was on the way back home from a vacation when I came to know about this.

Checked mails on Saturday everything was fine, checked again on Tuesday and got this disturbing news.

Perhaps, I should have informed the users here before going that there won't be me fixing problems.

I heartily apologize for this.

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8 responses to "50 Hours Downtime"

Wapmaster Top Google on 04:31 PM, 23-Feb-11

waw, you run out of vacation where? why not invite us, he he. kidding ....
2 days error oh yes why? but no significant problemsare normal again, thank you mr Arvind.


Ramdan on 04:49 PM, 23-Feb-11


Satriavi on 05:13 PM, 23-Feb-11

i always love you mwb(mr. Arvind)

Ranju CK Wayanad on 06:46 PM, 23-Feb-11

Actually how the error happened? And thank you very much for fixing it...

Arvind on 03:13 PM, 24-Feb-11


Neringa on 06:09 AM, 25-Feb-11

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Cgbalu on 12:09 PM, 27-Feb-11

All well. Now enjoying the blog.

Never on 04:48 PM, 28-Feb-11

mrgreen absen

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