Happy 6th Anniversary

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 01:13 AM, 10-Sep-14 • Comments (110)
Happy 6th Anniversary

Today is one the most special and memorable days of my life. Today is the the day MyWapBlog.com was born six years ago.

MyWapBlog.com to me is not just a website, it kind of define me and is very close to me like a child is to his/her parents.

I am sure a lot of our users also have a strong bond with MyWapBlog.com that is why I call all our users our family - the MyWapBlog.com family. We have come a long way in these six years thanks to the support and motivation I have received. My heartfelt thanks to all the users. Really, it couldn't have been possible without your support.

As usual, We will be distributing a lot of prizes this year. All the users may not get the prizes but through this post I'd like to say "thank you" to everyone.

Also, like we do every year - here are some statistics:

  • USERS: 1,100,834
  • POSTS: 5,160,343
  • COMMENTS: 12,846,057
  • PAGEVIEWS: 270 million-per-month

Thank you and love you all...

Arvind Gupta

How to Put UC Union Ads on Your MyWapBlog.com Blog

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:38 PM, 06-Sep-14 • Comments (48)
ThumbnailUC Union is one of the best ways you can monetize your MyWapBlog.com blog. They offer good rates, low minimum payment amount ($10) and payments via PayPal. MyWapBlog.com has in-built support for UC Union ad code, so you just have to copy-paste your Publisher ID and your blog will start showing your ads. The best part is you don't have... [Read More]

Completed in August 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:42 AM, 01-Sep-14 • Comments (49)

New features added:

  1. Better CSRF protection
  2. Country-based timezone selection list
  3. New "Help" page with Indonesian translation

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Updated ad-codes (JavaScript based when applicable) for user-published ads
  2. Better HTTP caching for faster page-load
  3. Localized date/time
New "Help" page with Indonesian translation

Completed in July 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:05 PM, 01-Aug-14 • Comments (48)
ThumbnailNew features added: Ability to edit own comments Ability to use Google Analytics to track blog visitors Google Authorship User-blogs translation Improvements and bug-fixes: Fixed UI inconsistencies Performance and UI improvements in "Follow" Improved spam-filter Improved "Categories" list of user-blogs Fixes in "Upload" feature on "Edit | Settings" page Improved "Navigation Menu" on user-blogs Removed deprecated setting "Category Placement" and "Category Order" in "Add | Category" page Translation of such texts as "1... [Read More]

Completed in June 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:08 AM, 02-Jul-14 • Comments (61)
ThumbnailNew features added: UC Union Ad Code support New blog for Officially Sponsored Contests and Events (official-event.mywapblog.com) Improvements and bug-fixes: Strict rules for entry in chat room to prevent spamming "Followers" and "Following" list is now in alphabetical order Fixed the "No Data" pageviews graph in "Overview" page Fixed the problem in "Register" page. Some untested code caused error in the Registration page since 24th of June.... [Read More]