Closure: Dates and Timeline

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:42 PM, 13-Oct-16  •  Comments (0)

05-Oct-2016 and 06-Oct-2016 Registration closed and closure announced 15-Oct-2016 Content migration tool (Blogger / WordPress) will become available 25-Oct-2016 Addition of new content (posts, comments, files etc.) will be closed Administration area will be available but with limited features Blogs will continue to work like before but comments and guestbook entries will be closed 31-Oct-2016 URL Forwarding tool becomes available If you don’t forward your blog to new URL your... [Read More]

Clarifications Regarding Closure of

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Why is being closed? First and foremost, I worded the post wrong when I said is closing “due to personal reasons”. What I actually wanted to say is that is it my personal decision to close and there is no outside force making me do that. This was to prevent unnecessary rumors from spreading. There are always problems... [Read More]


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You will be given ample time and opportunity to move/export your published posts to other platforms (WordPress/Blogger) before closes down.

I understand all the anger, frustration and resentment directed towards me for this action but the current circumstances and situations require that be closed.

It’s time to say goodbye

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Please check: Clarifications Regarding Closure of With a heavy heart I’d like to announce the closure of due to circumstances and situations that are out of our control. Our service will no longer be available after 15th November 2016. I can understand that this will cause a lot of rumors, gossip, sadness, resentment and feelings of loss but I ask... [Read More]