Completed in June 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:08 AM, 02-Jul-14 • Comments (61)

New features added:

  1. UC Union Ad Code support
  2. New blog for Officially Sponsored Contests and Events (

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Strict rules for entry in chat room to prevent spamming
  2. "Followers" and "Following" list is now in alphabetical order
  3. Fixed the "No Data" pageviews graph in "Overview" page
  4. Fixed the problem in "Register" page. Some untested code caused error in the Registration page since 24th of June. Very sorry sad
  5. Fixed some problems in Category system, also Category name now supports up to 40 characters
UC Union Ad Code support
UC Union Ad Code support

Completed in May 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:17 AM, 01-Jun-14 • Comments (85)

New features added:

  1. Auto-paragraph for HTML-mode
  2. New smartphone theme - ModernBlack

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Fixed the session system (no log-outs when writing long posts)
  2. Improved CAPTCHA
New smartphone theme - ModernBlack
New smartphone theme - ModernBlack

Completed in April 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:08 AM, 05-May-14 • Comments (91)

New features added:

  1. "Edit" and "Delete" functions for posts, comments and guestbook entries accessible from blogs when admin signed in
  2. CSS preview feature - can previews CSS for all devices (mobile, high-end mobile, desktop) from any device

Improvements and bug-fixes:

  1. Blog-admin of custom-domain blogs are kept signed in on their blogs for a longer time
  2. "Discussion" settings (Settings > Discussion) now also affects Guestbook entries

Completed in March 2014

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:38 AM, 01-Apr-14 • Comments (53)

New features added in March:

  1. New JavaScript-based progressive enhancement system for better accessibility
  2. Search feature in "Manage Files"
  3. "Edit" and "Delete" functions accessible from user-blogs when blog admin is signed in

Improvements and bug-fixes in:

  1. "Blog Catalog" page
  2. "Chat Room" page
  3. Spam filter
  4. "Overview" page

Scheduled Server Upgrade

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 02:21 PM, 16-Feb-14 • Comments (80)
To accommodate the increasing traffic and fix the stability issues, we have planned a server upgrade on 20th February. Unfortunately there will be a downtime of about 10-12 hours while the upgrade is in progress. During the downtime ALL pages including admin-area and user-blogs will remain *inaccessible*. We hope all our bloggers and visitors understand that this is necessary and will... [Read More]